It needs to happen!

I was very encouraged when I found out that the effort to name the southbound bridge after William Lloyd Garrison is still ongoing.      I know our elected officials are doing their best to put pressure on MassDOT which has a long history of not being sympathetic to local concerns. (i.e. the sound barriers!)

I was glad to read that the work of naming the bridge is still being pursued.

The most encouraging word I can offer is,  “DON’T QUIT”.

There is one thing I have learned over the years when dealing with government that persistence is often the long, painful route to success.       The naysayers are legion, and what I think is worse; are the host of the visionless who just don’t see why a particular project is necessary.      These are often your closes allies which turn out to be your toughest to overcome.      It is sad that the memory of these two giants have been forgotten by so many in that monumental task of the 19th century.

It is encouraging that as Parker River Clean Water Association has now oversight of the Little River Trail System south of Storey Avenue; we look forward to the William Lloyd Garrison Bike/Pedestrian Trail connecting to the Gloria Braunhardt Bike/Pedestrian Trail.         We were very encouraged to see a crosswalk with traffic walk signals installed over the busy thoroughfare that lies between these two paths.

Starting (hopefully) in the Fall of 2017; this crosswalk will turn out to be one busy place!

It would be tremendous that this new path on the bridge worked on so hard by the Mayor and others; could be accompanied by the two great structures reflecting the powerful impact that the twin cities in the Northeast of Massachusetts had on the national Abolitionist Movement.

Now to get a bunch of visionless engineers to see it.         That’s the tough part.

-P. Preservationist


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