Tour Reminder – Little River Trail System

Cooper North PastureThis Saturday, at 8:30, at the entrance to the Cooper North Pasture Nature Trail (in view of the iconic Kestrel birdhouse and short jaunt through this magnificent pasture pictured above and easily visible from Hale Street), a tour will begin.

The former president (and active board member) of Parker River Clean Water Association, George Comiskey, has this to say about this trail network:

“I was really impressed with the new trails that have been created this year.  It shows what a diverse landscape that cannot be replicated by other trail systems in the Newburyport area.  Not in Mosley Woods or Maudsley State Forest and certainly not the inner city bike trails.”

And though PRCWA didn’t get funding from the Community Preservation Committee which was drowned by other applicants; they had this to say about the Little River Trail System: (We’ve been grateful to receive funding twice before.)

‘This is a worthwhile project and I believe that the Committee would like to encourage you to continue to develop and refine the project scope and budget so that it may be considered in the future.”       -Mike Dissette, Chair, CPC, July 29, 2016

And the refinement is on going!      Already paths have been re-routed, widened and marked with trail logos.

But most of the citizens who live in the Greater Newburyport Area are still clueless at this fabulous resource.       An open area of wetlands and forest and yet surrounded by urban development on three sides.      A visitor feels like he is in in a deep wild area and yet; if thirsty can hike up a trail to an inconvenience store in a few hundred yards!     This area is vital for preventing devastating floods and is also a potential water resource at the same time.     An area for bird watchers, dog walkers and nature lovers and easy to access at five convenient trail heads.

When I can finally get someone to come out, they return with their eyes wide with amazement.       Be sure to show up – and let your eyes absorb this environment and hear from your guide, Jerry Mullins, about the history, the ecology and the wildlife located here.

Only a 1 mile walk from Downtown Newburyport!

-P. Preservationist



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  1. yazsir says:

    I think you would attract more people if you gave more explicit directions, and maybe even a map. Don’t assume everyone is familiar with your references.

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