Public Service Notice

Have you noticed lately that a lot of things going on around Newburyport are not being reported.

Have you noticed that the local papers are increasingly being used as commercial and political mouthpieces?     Have you noticed that we have intimate news about Amesbury coming out on a pretty consistent stream, but little about Newburyport?    Have you noticed that once-independently minded Dyke Hendrickson now only states the obvious as if its some new revelation?    Have you noticed the editorial page is increasingly the playground of nut jobs, those concerned with national events (as if anyone actually cares what someone from Newburyport thinks)  and grateful non-profits?   Have you noticed that we (The Greater Newburyport Area) know more about what is going on in Haverhill, Lawrence, Gloucester and Salem than what is actually occurring in our towns and cities.

That’s because the local paper of record, which I now call, the Mayor’s Daily Notice, no longer has an independent-minded editor.      John Macone is now gone and there is now only a temporary in his position. (Dave Olson,    Notice, there is no person in charge of Amesbury and Newburyport or Salisbury or Newbury or Rowley’s news.

Fortunately, faithful Merrily (Merrily Buchs) is still there, doing her job as professionally as she always does.        But sadly, she is only in charge of news coming out of Georgetown, Groveland, Merrimac and West Newbury – towns where rapid paint-pealing off barns may raise alarms. (If anyone notices)

The Current barely reports news and is solely good for filling in your social calendar of scheduled events; the Town Common, of course, is largely in charge of the paint-pealing department in the surrounding towns.      The Valley Patriot, available at the local Market Basket is more interested in the upper Merrimack Valley than on the lower.    Local blogs are maintained by private, busy citizens and are sporadic in offering news.

Amongst this bleak picture, if you as a Newburyport citizen, want to know what is going on; get on Facebook and check out some social boards.        The two most important is Newburyport Commons and the Newburyport Neighborhood Association.

Many avoid Facebook with its many twists and turns and mob-tendency.

Resist the urge to fall into the fray of national politics; and stay local.

There are others that may focus on local interests too such as Next Door Newburyport South End.    It is outside Facebook and is a safe and excellent source of local news but that is up to the user.

So my advice is to go to these two main sites.      Even the Mayor has started to post to them to reach the total citizens in the city; and the nice thing, it will give you a better picture of what is going on than relying on traditional rag sheets.

I know to me it is a great resource.      As I do blogs, if my subject will benefit the city in general, I try my best to forward them to these two forums.

I’m not saying that traditional newspapers are doomed – but increasingly, they are becoming less and less relevant when you need news that is investigative and you desperately need to know what is ‘really going on’

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to Public Service Notice

  1. Katie Lovett is gone too. So is sonya Vartebedian
    Long gone. I guess they are afraid to let “real” journalists do their job, to report the juicy news. Like corruption at city Hall, police department and other departments. boo hoo.

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