Yikes they’re early!

I was shocked this Independence Day weekend to find out the nasty devils, The Greenheads, are here early.     They usually don’t show up until the week after the 4th.

The Tearing EdgeIt is a known fact that greenheads can’t function fully unless it’s at least 84 degrees.        We’ll have a little break for this coming weekend but don’t be fooled.

With the next blast, comes the pain!

Now is the time to get that cure-all from Avon called Skin So Soft.

Regular bug spray makes them laugh and bringing a can of Raid is just not cool plus it will make you stink really bad.

In addition, having a ready bottle will put you in good stead for the next major onslaught which occurs toward the end of August.Skin so soft       It is presently in stock and going at 46% less than the list price. (And no, I get no profit from it – but our local Avon representatives do!)

Get it NOW!      Here is where you buy it.

Or pay the consequences!

-P. Preservationist

PS.   And don’t think hiding in town will save you.     Greenheads have been known to travel in search of blood for ten miles or more from their salt marsh habitat!

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