The Lost History of Newburyport

If I had the time to write a book, that is what I would have as a title.

The more I dig, the more amazed I become.

Not so much of the history that I uncover but by two rather obvious facts:

  1. Writers over the years, local and regional and national, have as about as much romance and excitement as a limp noodle who, worse, fixated their attention on the most mundane, unexciting aspects about our city.       It’s as if they can’t see what is important and significant amongst all the historical minutiae.
  2. That locals, and visitors can not conceive of Newburyport as anything more as some shoppers tourist trap; not recognizing the important parts of our history that SHOULD be capitalized to draw customers and visitors from around the world.       Perhaps it was this blah, dullness of a populace that produced all those writers of melancholy and mediocrity.

Either way, the fantastic part  of our city is that digging is worth the effort.     We have so much that has been revealed, and yet, the 21st century beacons with more understanding that there are more mysteries to be uncovered.

For all those who thirst for adventure, discovery and romance, whether academically, or from a novice’s viewpoint:

Newburyport is the place to be!

-P. Preservationist


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