Volunteer and make your heart sing!

This weekend, there will be excellent opportunities for volunteer work around the city.

This Saturday, April 30th, clean up crews are needed to make Atwood Park to sparkle in the South End.      Your requirement?     Show up in the morning and get to work.

Also this same day, work crews are needed at our various rail trails.      Depending on what city you live in or perhaps you have a favorite one that you would love to see at its best; this area is blessed with an entire regional network and it is getting more connected and more of them all the time.       Each one is a symbol of the high quality of life that we have on this area at the mouth of the Merrimack.

Pick one and prepare to pick up human detritus (trash); and if you bring your own equipment be sure to label it so you can get it back.

Volunteering is an amazing thing –  It makes you deeply invested in how things are kept up and best of all, it makes you care.    No money is transacted as payment but the feeling one gets seeing your community shine and knowing visitors are seeing the region at its best; gives you a hundred fold payment in an honorable pride in your town or city.

Our DPW’s in the region work hard but they are constantly frustrated by the fact they can’t do the very best because of limited manpower, time and resources.

Getting a host of volunteers to swoop down on a trouble spot is to a DPW worker; like that joy of finally reaching that nagging itch that was just beyond reach.

Why, volunteering just about makes everyone happy.

-P. Preservationist

PS. But no one is happy if no one shows up!

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