Continued (what a surprise)

The next hearing is May 10th for 15 Howard Street.

Plenty of time to show a parade of streetscapes all over the Newburyport Historic District that reflect our city.

It actually shows that we are an extremely healthy community with the rich and the poor and the working poor (and middle class) mingling together without segregation and as neighbor’s not adversaries.

No rich trying to seal themselves off from the ‘unwashed’.

No slums – no isolated ethnic communities.

Yes, even Communists, Libertarians and Conservatives rubbing shoulders without violence.

And yet – the drive by tax-hungry government and exploiting developers is to drive out the non-well to do and cast them out of the city. (or cram them into subsidized housing rubbing shoulders with sex offenders, drug dealers and various forms of as the Bible calls them, Lower Baser Sorts.)

Be sure to be back on May 10th!

-P. Preservationist

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