We can stop the Gentrification!

Looking for loopholes in a law is the primary goal of determined developers.     City Council and the Mayor and advocacy citizens can add guidelines, ordinances and rules all they want but if you have a determined bunch who want to make money from a boom economy; you have to be watchful.

Well – it is our little houses and little lots and little spaces that clever exploiters have found.

And yet these make up the affordable stock of housing in the city.     Not everyone can live in huge mansions; and most don’t want to be crammed into subsidized housing not stuck in a condo on the second floor.

These small homes have a little yard, little spaces and most importantly LITTLE MORTGAGES.

There must be a place for the working poor, the families who focus on raising children and not on material ‘stuff’ like huge rooms and nice furniture.    What of the working stiffs in retail?    Or the creative artists?   And  yet, it’s these kind of struggling citizens who make up the majority of Newburyport.     

They create our community.

But developers want to clear these out to make expensive housing.   Tear down the small house to build a bigger, modern structure with a HUGE MORTGAGE.

forget young families with pre-school children.     Forget those who desire a great place to live but are just starting out in life!!!

We have the ordinance on the books now but the argument for destroying them is they are too small, no history (using ignorance of an antique house’s history as their excuse!) and they have no distinctive architecture.

If that excuse flies before the ZBA; then the city is doomed because the majority of the buildings in the Newburyport  Historic District fit those excuses.

If these applicants have there way, only the well to do will live here while the rest are crammed into low-income government subsidized housing.

A perfect community!    The very rich with the very poor.

Doesn’t sound like a healthy city to me!

We can stop them and the example is 15 Howard Street at the ZBA tonight.   A full demolition to be replaced by a bigger more expensive house when a simple addition in the back would suffice.

But where’s the profit in that!?!

Come out and stop them tonight.

-P. Preservationist


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