Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I thought it was rather odd reading in the paper of record, all the giddiness over the Mayor’s State of the City Address.

I am not by nature a cynical person – this doesn’t mean I am not aware of the world around me – there are peaceful, wonderful experiences in this life and there are realities out thee that literally tingle the ear and can cause me deep horror.       I am thankful that I live in a very special part of America and am able to enjoy this absolutely beautiful city that I live in – but this doesn’t mean there are not challenges ahead and things that need improving. and I might add, protecting.

I also understand that there are a sizeable number of people who have an intense desire to destroy our quality of life and those things that make our area such a special place.      I also understand their motivation is based on many positive things for them, and a whole lot of negative things for my neighbors and me.

I watch in horror as our ancient history is being ripped out and unceremoniously cast into crude dumpsters to be hauled away forever.       Or to see inappropriate structures that destroy our streetscapes, our property values and our cultural history.       The air is fowl with disgusting odors that waft from our landfill and sewer plant in a city that is supposed to be so pro-environment and which makes money off of our eco-tourism.

It may make us a little cranky.      It may make us slightly upset and yes, it may cause us to be a little shrill in our voices and cause editorials that are short and harsh.        But according to the Mayor’s speech; we’re suppose to suck it in, grit our teeth and swallow our frustration;

and be kind.

So, in an effort to make more of us adopt this attitude, here is an encouraging excerpt from the old Ren & Stimpy Show.

-P. Preservationist



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