The Color Green & Parks

After reading in the paper today, I discovered the NRA is considering doing yet another ‘pop-up’ park.     I can just imagine the rest of the city when they read that little news: generating a huge moan across the collective community.         “What will this one be like?”  they will exclaim!

And the NRA just doesn’t ‘get it.      They think it’s probably the citizens don’t like the whole concept of the ‘pop-up’.       No, that’s not it at all!

Somehow this group has an aversion to ‘green’ as in green grass.

Now, maybe this is just my opinion, but I think it has to do with the future of the NRA.      They know that one day, against all efforts on their part, and against all odds; there will be a large central waterfront park composed mostly of green grass.

They’re willing to blow $21,000 on this last pop-up; and probably a similar price tag for a second one; but they won’t spend the money to take this ‘brownfield’ and clean it up for a real park so when the citizens lie down on the cool grass; they won’t get up again with some cancerous growth later.

Green means there is a lovely park on the waterfront.

Green means the NRA is no more, their mission complete and they (finally) go off into the sunset.

And green means grass.

Consequently, we can all imagine what kind of second pop-up park we’re going to get.

And no, painting tarmac with some ‘natural green’ color from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams does not count.

-P. Preservationist


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