Little River Trail System & Sidewalks

Sorry for the long absence from my blog but so much positive actions are going on I’ve no time to blog.

This last Monday, our city council passed the very historic (as in history-making) passing of the Sidewalk Ordinance!

Sure – every candidate crooned and moaned over this issue this last election season; but this council made a concrete step forward that will literally transform our city over the next ten years.

Sadly history tends to be cruel in who is glorified and who will be forgotten. This council will not be spared but the members can console themselves that having happy citizens will be their greatest reward.

I’m known for championing sidewalks and historic preservation; but a lot of my energy (and a lot of volunteers too!) goes to preserving the historic Common Pasture and our vital ecology.

I am presently at the Mass Trail Conference this weekend. Why am I here? Because trails are the greatest way to help Newburyport citizens to learn how important our Common Pasture and our Little River Watershed is to the quality of life in our city.

The Little River Trail System will bring bird watchers, dog walkers, and nature lovers all together to educate and inspire them and show them how important it is to preserve this sensitive area.

The LRTS is not just a path – it has to be sustainable, not damage our wetlands or environment and be accessible to most of us.

And of course, show the value of having this open space rather than developing factories, housing and impervious surfaces (that contribute to flooding).

Which is why I am here!

-P. Preservationist


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2 Responses to Little River Trail System & Sidewalks

  1. says:

    Yo Jerry, I’m not a frequent reader of these blogs, as most are uninformed, or simply reflect a cynicism that offends me. I hope you do not fall into one of those categories.

    But your comment about the commitment of candidates to improving our sidewalks, i. e, “… every candidate crooned and moaned over this issue this last election season” is both incorrect and cynical.

    First, not all candidates understood or supported improving our sidewalks. Some candidates didn’t express an opinion on the matter, some said sidewalks were not important, and others expressed support for a program that would repair many of our deteriorating sidewalks.

    Second, your comments suggest that all candidates, including your wife, were insincere. I do not believe this is true. In my experience, everyone who runs for office does so with the best interests of the City at heart. While we may differ in philosophy or place emphasis on different issues, they have all been worthy. Once elected, I’ve found each and every councilor to be genuinely committed to improving the living conditions of residents who’ve elected them.

    So, please….spare us the cynical comments…help us move issues forward. It’s hard enough to get good things done without blogs that misrepresent what is truly going on.

    • indyjerry77 says:

      I speak not from cynicism but from close to 3o years of sidewalks as a standard campaign line just like our senior center was for eternity. How can I be cynical when the Mayor to the city council have done so much to make a solid resolution in the near future.

      There is a big difference between the reality, campaign bluster and follow through by elected officials.

      This is not a feel-good blog – nor a propaganda site.

      Reality is not cynicism- and being visionary as to what our future could and should be come is certainly not depressing but there are many land mines, pitfalls and self-serving individuals who pretend to benefit the community.

      I’d keep going to other ‘sites’ for ‘happy thoughts’ and ‘cheerleading’

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