Separating FACT from fiction

I’ve heard for a while the silly shenanigans that have been going on in the city – people putting their signs in front of others, putting their opponents signs parallel to the street so they can’t be seen by vehicles, snatching signs from opponents that are on public property but leaving your signs there (There is no city ordinance by the way forbidding political signs on public property – it’s just proper protocol not to do so.)      Signs have been removed due to citizens being intimidated or given misinformation.     It’s so silly because signs do not elect candidates.      I still remember Toohey over in Haverhill.      He saturated that poor city with signage…..and still lost BIG TIME. Toohey-Sign_thumb.jpg

It saddens me every day to pass the bare patch of yard at the State Street Mobil Station.    The owner every election season would graciously offer for anyone to put their campaign signs there.     Then one opponent last election began to move the signs around, then others began to get angry so they began to damage an opponent’s sign.      Then the owner of the station received complaints and was accused of favoritism!

So now, we all get to see a monument to bad behavior every time we pass that intersection.


But as if that infantile behavior hasn’t been enough, a coalition composed of white liberal men have been circulating a malicious e-mail and/or letter saying that a particular woman candidate, Sheila Mullins, has been receiving money from the MassGOP.    Plus, MassGOP supposedly has provided a campaign manager for her.

I just received the details about this today and I burst out in laughter.

First, the MassGOP hates Sheila’s campaign manager.    In fact, if they had a chance, they’d love to ruin him.     He can’t be bought just like Sheila can’t be bought and they would prefer he just ‘went away’.

Second, the MassGOP abhors Sheila and has actively worked, even using regional politicians to try to frustrate her efforts to get elected.      If they could get away with it, they’d probably send money to her opponents.

For many of you who are not familiar with the Republican Party, there has been a battle since the late 19th century between Big Business party members and the Rank and File Republicans who actually work and live regular lives.     Well documented in history, Big Business bought and sold President William McKinley to preserve their monopolies and Teddy Roosevelt (Who could not be bought) they put into the Vice Presidency hoping to cage the tiger in a dead end job.     Then to their horror, McKinley was assassinated and the Tiger was released.       Much of the labor reforms began when Roosevelt and Taft (who promised to continue Teddy’s reforms) were in office.       This battle continues today.

But beyond this, we have a local coalition who are so desperate they are introducing party politics into a non-partisan race.      We’ve had Republicans and Democrats in office for years and the average citizen had no idea what party they belonged; until now.    It was not appropriate then and it is not appropriate now.

What saddens me even more is how many people take a malicious letter and simply believe it!      You know, this IS the Internet Age.       That old statement, “You can never know” is officially instinct.     You CAN know with so many information channels available to us today.        The originator is hoping their reputation and gravitas will stop you in your tracks from seeking the real truth.

Right here on the city’s website through the due diligence of our fine City Clerk are the financial reports for each candidate.        You will see from Sheila’s report that most of her support comes from local citizens.     Sheila is well-known across the state and so a few  individuals who are politically active have supported her too.     Also, keep in mind that any money that comes after the first report must also be indicated post election and the clerk will post that too.

I assure you, as the campaign treasurer, no monies have been received from MassGOP, not even a dime.

By the way, since the Daily News has ceased apparently to report campaign finance news, check out this link which gives the history of contributions for this election and for past elections for all the candidates.      It’s all there for you to see!


THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IS FOR EVERYONE TO SHOW UP AT THE POLLS AND VOTE.       Only having a tiny percentage participate is going to produce a very wacky result. (Which we will have to live with for two years!)


-P. Preservationist

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1 Response to Separating FACT from fiction

  1. Patricia Daniels says:

    So sorry to hear all this. I would like to say I’m surprised but I’m not, I did not like the question that was asked at the debate (and later withdrawn) as to how candidates would vote in the national election. I don’t understand how that is relevant in a local election. It now makes sense that a Councillor two years ago did not reveal when he ran that he worked on former Senator Scott Brown’s campaign.

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