Fear and Intimidation on the campaign Trail

I didn’t think I had that much political power – but everyone seems to be sweating bullets to appear ‘above board’ and not being found to be playing dirty politics.       All I did was send out a simple blog that set the rules for this season – it wasn’t a threat or anything as it was more a promise.

And sure enough – most candidates and their supporters are trying to set a positive tempo.

But we have a real problem out there.        The Mayor and her supporters know that if a group of candidates get on the council who can’t be ‘bought’ and can’t be a ‘team player’; that the agenda set out by the corner office will be slowed and unpleasant scrutiny will be shown on the less smoother operations in the city (like pesky cost-overruns).       So to resolve this, a coalition has been assembled to band together.         The basic story line is, “All is well.     The party is continuing, and there are no real issues to be concerned with in Newburyport.     It is all under control!” (There are no problems, there is nothing to see here.)

That is why it is important to support two, highly qualified, independent candidates for city council at large:

Greg Earls

Sheila Mullins

The Mayor and this coalition don’t mind Mr. Earls because he was ‘controlled’ once before.    This administration has threatened Greg before but this time he isn’t going to take it.      We all know the threat.     If you put a sign on your yard or support a candidate or go against the goals of this administration, we’ll remember what you did and it won’t go well with you or any relatives related to you for a very long time.

So, as subtle as they can, they have been bad-mouthing Sheila on the campaign trail. (Which is hard to do considering her close to 30 years of upstanding community work.)    But they are trying.      They are even trying to bring in partisan politics so they can label their opponents.       It’s not protocol but it’s because they are very nervous.

So why are they so desperate?      Because if you drive through the neighborhoods in Wards 3 and 4, 5 and 6 – you’ll find hardly a political sign.    Get off the main roads and the feeling is, “What election?”   Other than Ward One, where there is a very close race developing, you wouldn’t know that November 3rd was any special day.    No signs, no fervor – no energy.      Plus, the candidates who ally closely with the “Bulldozer” know there is palpable anger against the corner-office.       Her thirst to gut historic homes for enhanced free cash earnings is beginning to have an affect on the property values and the fee and tax burdens of the average citizen.       Her and her allies would rather concentrate on large rental developments where the poor and the working class can be herded (and controlled).      We all know that the eventual goal is a city that average people can’t afford to live in; and tax revenues are raked in from a reliable, wealthy elite.

Either a low-turn out will result, or; the citizens are holding their cards very close and will make some surprising decisions.

To avoid this the Daily News has been called upon to endorse her candidates.        We all know the paper of record has been in the pocket of developers and the Mayor for years.    The “paper” that has this strange fascination with the concerns of a tiny handful of fisherman, Gloucester and Salem events and highlights Amesbury every chance they get.    Speaking of Amesbury, you can tell who’s been ‘bought’ when John Macone makes an editorial one day condemning the large-scale rentals in Amesbury and then as hastily, the next edition follows up with a support for the 40R in Newburyport. (He must have gotten a lot of heat after the former was published!)        This is the paper that years ago was headed by Bill Plante who famously said when restoration was sought for the downtown instead of demolishing, “If we don’t tear them down, they will fall down.”      Fortunately, the citizens rose up and Newburyport has been enjoying the fruits of historic preservation ever since.      This was also the paper that when the NRA was advocating buildings on the waterfront, the paper declared to COW, “Sit down and shut up”.      Again, the citizens had to show the Daily News what their real concerns were.

They are so desperate they are endorsing a fake-Sheila who is so far-right, the Merrimack Valley Tea Party and her had to part ways!     This candidate is right up their alley as she is vociferously anti-historic preservation.    A person so desperate to be in power, she’s been seen walking out of the Mayor’s house.

They are also endorsing a dark horse who is coming out of no-where who is clearly a Mayor’s hack.

That is why I am deeply honored that Sheila Mullins  was not endorsed by the paper.     She is an independent voice who will stand apart and be separate from the assembled “yes-men” on council.*   She, unlike the smooth talkers on the campaign trail, has a solid record of achievement. (See my full disclosure below)     There are problems in our city, and we need councilors who are not unofficial members of the corner-office who can objectively examine and attempt to resolve long-standing issues in the city.   They will be able to support Cronin, Giunta and O’Brien in doing the best for the citizens.

-P. Preservationist

PS. My Full Disclosure.

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3 Responses to Fear and Intimidation on the campaign Trail

  1. I agree with others. It is time for a clean sweep of the at large city council.  I am likely voting for all new candidates and Sheila has my vote.


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  2. Patricia Daniels says:

    This has felt from the “get go” like a very “different” election. I had some information that “certain” candidates were being supported. and other things just didn’t add up. The debates, the coverage by WNBP and what I think is good judgement has caused me to stop and really think about what each candidate brings to the table. By attending the debates I have had a chance to ask questions of the candidates I did not know well. I was surprised at the lack of ideas and plans for the city by a some. It is very easy for me to look at the votes of the current Councillors.and School Committee members as I have watch and attended so many of these and other meetings.. Personally I hope that both our Mayor and then new Councillors and School Committee members will listen to the taxpayers who feel that we need to build our tax base and show fiscal responsibility. I think it is very important not to raise taxes in order to allow both the elderly and the middle class to continue to live and enjoy or beautiful City. I am proud and happy to support Sheila Mullins for Councillor at large. I think we are lucky and will benefit from all her hard work. I like her ideas and plans for the City and know her for both her integrity and tenacity.. Sheila Mullins has my Vote.

  3. Mo Donovan says:

    Sheila is a truth teller; is quite willing to go toe to toe with whomever.
    I am with Sheila in extremis

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