It’s Halloween – Let’s take a break from politiking!

Halloween is a very special time for Newburyport.       It’s not sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the City government is only lightly involved in some policing and no one organization is out there sponsoring!

And yet, the city is spontaneous on that special night – the decorations, the special events, the treats and the many parties this weekend.       I know most will be stationed at their doors, handing out candies from the very little ones to the big kids that sneak in later in the night; but you should take a little time out and walk, or ride a bicycle or even drive and see what spontaneous fun is happening.

The Old South every year would have pumpkins and something special on their ponderous porch; the Custom House this year is going all out and should be visited and the many ‘scarecrows’ downtown should give an excuse to stroll around town.

My special plug is for the adult party (over 21 please) that is planned for today – you can buy them in advance, but if you show up at the Zombie Gate (Toppans Gate), be sure you have $25 in cash.     Believe it or not, the Oak Hill Cemetery was originally designed as a park.    A place to have a picnic or to stroll in the sunlight.      This cemetery park movement was quite popular in the 19th century.

But they never dared to visit at night!

Halloween Happenings at Oak Hill Cemetery

Starting at 6:00 and going to 9:00 (or beyond for those who dare); Oak Hill Cemetery will be transformed into one very bizarre Halloween Party.

Be sure to come out!

The tickets can be purchased here.      More information is available at this link.

-P. Preservationist

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