This is the chance to review the forums that have been presented to the citizens of Newburyport

We now have all the audio-video opportunities played out in Newburyport to help the citizens make an informed decision on election day.   Due to a snafu, many could not watch the debate at the Nock School because it was supposed to be live.  Regrettably, the Nock school staff setup the audio-video equipment and then locked it all up so the live presentation was absolutely terrible.    PortMedia received a lot of heat for that screw up.     Fortunately, PortMedia had absolute control of the taped version and so it is now available for those who missed out or had to endure the horrible sound on the live version.       For all those who would like a more pleasant analysis of the debate, here is the link:

The new senior center is absolutely beautiful – it is much nicer than Amesbury’s and I didn’t think that was possible.       But I didn’t think they could fit a candidate forum in there but they did!      Now for those who missed it and do not have cable, I have made this one available too:

In addition, I have provided the pod cast for WNBP’s Local Pulse show in a previous post:

To round out all the available opportunities, please watch the CEB Candidate interviews on      The actual link is here for the list of candidates.     I know I’m partial to the interviews but these candidates worked hard to tackle the tough ten questions that covered the real pressing issues they would have to handle when elected.      It is well worth watching!*

An informed public that isn’t in the dark guarantees positive results on election day that will benefit our city for years to come.



-P. Preservationist

PS. I am trying to behave myself but it makes me wonder (and you should too) why two candidates didn’t want to handle the issues in detail in front of the public.    What are they hiding?

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3 Responses to This is the chance to review the forums that have been presented to the citizens of Newburyport

  1. Patricia Daniels says:

    Thanks as always to the P. Preservationist I too can’t imagine why two candidates who want to be elected to a very important position on the City Council would do this. I have to seriously question the motivation behind this.

  2. Bruce says:

    Gee,what 2 candidates are you referring to? I have decided on 4 who will get my vote and want one other to step up in the last few days.

  3. Patricia Daniels says:

    The only two candidates who were not interviewed by the CEB were Joe Devlin and Lyndi Lanphear I think.. I have only decided on a few so hoping to hear more as the election get’s closer.

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