CEB City Council Candidate Interviews

Before everyone sees it posted in the Newburyport Daily News, I thought I would give my readers a jump start on watching these candidate interviews.          It really is the very best way to get to know someone who is running for public office.      You get to learn their background, why they are running and where they stand on the issues.        Debates and forums are great for detecting defects in someone but other than the drama and the show; they end up boiling down to cheerleading your already determined favorites and booing the others.

A rather presumptive process which leaves out the majority of the citizens who are still undecided whom sincerely need information to make an informed decision!

So please watch –

2015 CEB Candidate Interviews for Newburyport for At-large and Contested Seats:

In addition, these interviews will be aired on PortMedia’s Channel Nine on Comcast which will cycle them until the day before election day, November the 3rd.

-P. Preservationist

PS. I realize some are missing from the roster – one could not make it in time due to scheduling conflicts and one declined to participate.

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  1. “Vote for Sheila Mullins for Counselor at Large Newburyport Massachusetts”


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