Why the Silence

Perhaps you have noticed that I haven’t been doing too much blogging of late.      That’s because I have been busy with the CEB Candidate Interviews.      For several election cycles and including the state rep races; Citizens for Environmental Balance has been conducting one-on-one sessions that cover the various prominent issues in our area.      Every candidate who has a contested race or at large was invited to participate.

This year, because of my wife running for election; I’ve been reduced to being in the production room overseeing the sessions; Mr. Dennis Chambers from Federal Street (who has a nice voice and a calming demeanor!) not only is doing the actual questioning but has actually formulated the ten questions.       When I first saw the list I was terrified each candidate would be taking up a two-hour sit-in!       Thankfully, everyone who has participated has been well-informed, and boiled their time down to about a half-hour.

Each candidate has been given the questionnaire’s 48 hours before their interview; and I have to admit – I, who thought he was well-informed about city doings, has learned a thing or two from each participant.         Their differing approaches to the many issues in our city, if all watched together, would make any voter here in town have a well-rounded understanding of local politics.

CEB is known for being very active in past times for preserving our precious Common Pasture, which; along with our central waterfront, historic district and the Great Marsh is one of our city’s precious treasures.     They are also known for having a mission goal of ensuring the People’s voice is heard during public debate regarding the important issues that will have a long-term impact on the quality of our community’s environment and our children’s future.      Part of that mission is to present factual information so that informed decisions can be made regarding the future of the community.

CEB (unlike P. Preservationist who has definite opinions!) is dedicated to give fair, unbiased presentations on each candidate.       Hopefully, as they worked on the ten questions; they will be now better prepared for Tuesday’s big ‘debate’ and other public forums.

It has taken me several years to get to the point that I can edit these videos.       You too can join PortMedia, take several classes on editing (This is the same software used by Hollywood for their films!) and even have experience doing projects and taking cameras out and doing your own filming.

Every citizen in Newburyport has that opportunity with our very own community studio.  (A little plug there to join!)   The only roadblock is it does take time and time to learn it.

After I am done editing the early part of this coming week, the interviews will be cycled on PortMedia’s cable channel until the day before the election.*     In addition, for those who don’t have cable; the videos will be available on CEB’s webpage, http://www.cebport.org and they can be freely used by each candidate as they desire.

Once I get this task by me; I’ll get back to blogging.


-P. Preservationist

* Because I am involved, each candidate will be invited to preview their video during PortMedia’s regular hours once they are notified they are available. (Obviously checking for rabbit-ears behind the head of the interviewee!(LOL))

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