DON’T throw out the baby with the bathwater!!!!!!!

 As things become more competitive in the city council races; I want to put forth this warning in order to make sure that whatever you may feel toward the Mayor, or the city’s policies; may not reflect in the way you vote on November 3rd.       Yes, our four-year mayor has managed to generate anger from Turkey Hill to Plum Island; and especially in the South End and Back Bay which have received the full brunt of her policies.

The city in general is just now beginning to receive the considerable tax increases and ramped up water & sewer bills, educational ‘service’ fees, etc. and the simmering is just under a boil and may even be ready to knock the pot lid right over.

But if you have obviously noticed; many measures designed to benefit the citizens; not monied groups or outside developers; have graciously come from the leadership of the city council.

If you recount, though they lost on the LHD issue, historic preservationists roared back and took a majority of the seats.        They have done much good but now our powerful Mayor has basically divided their loyalties – are they for her “bulldozer” approach or do they continue to stand for preserving our high quality of life by keeping our historic neighborhoods?

Don’t, because you are angry at some of the councilors closest to the Mayor, cast them out and replace them with candidates who would actually cheer the Chief Executive on in her destructive policies (I refer to the gutting and destruction of historic houses).       Don’t put inadequately-equipped candidates in just because you are furious.       Don’t put in one-issue candidates, thugs, crazies, criminals or demagogues just so the whole city’s administration gets ‘mucked up’ – it will only make things worse.

Mayor Lisa Mead in her first term was actually pretty good and she accomplished a lot, and people genuinely appreciated her contributions to the city; but then she resigned and went to work for John Kerry’s presidential bid.       She came back and easily won re-election.

But she had changed.        Instead of calling her followers Meadies, people began to label them Meanies; and the mayor was no longer the happy, smiling candidate from before.      For whatever reason, she just plain got mean.

So, in a shocking slap in the face, at the next election; they chose Al Lavender (Who by the way was just as surprised as Lisa that he had won!)      Not prepared, he started making mistakes – he made a weak Host Agreement and today, we celebrate his creation (and the odor that frequently reminds us all) by staring at the highest structure in the city, the Landfill (unofficially called Mount Lavender).     Still in litigation and still troubling the community.    He arranged for patronage deals such as selling part of the rail trail over by March’s Hill for example.   Worse, because he was not prepared, some 9 million dollars in state & federal grants were literally turned away during his administration.

The city was set back for some years.

So, remember!      We need historic preservationists on the city council; we need competent, experienced councilors who are seeking ways to compensate for the “bulldozer” before she does more

Don’t put in someone that will weaken the council which, in turn, will only make the Mayor stronger in doing things,

“Her way,”

-P. Preservationist

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4 Responses to DON’T throw out the baby with the bathwater!!!!!!!

  1. Would Sheila and perhaps others running for office be interested in a public meet and gree?  I organized this 2 years ago in Market square on public property. Let me know. We don’t have Olga to do this any more.

    Kathy Heywood  9789304850  

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  2. David Hochheiser says:

    How is it that you can speak of a supposedly huge tax burden in NBPT when we have he third lowest rate of all surrounding 10 North Shore towns/cities? If it’s the “natives” that people are so concerned about, their housing principle ought to be low as well. What am I missing. Seems to me we are getting to live here on a bargain.

    • indyjerry77 says:

      What is making everyone nervous is the increase in bonding, rates on the water/sewer going up drastically as one miscalculation after another are absorbed and parents with children are seeing school fees to the point of nickeling and diming them to death. In addition, when new construction is pushed onto historic neighborhoods, drastic tax valuations for particular streets spike making an increasingly nervous populace who frankly don’t want to be pushed out of town due to unbearable expenses.

      And now there is talk by some candidates of charging for trash pickup….

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