A New Survey for the Election Season

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  1. T.J. Loring says:

    We do not have sufficient infrastructure to support the 40R (520 Units about to be committed to the State to build)
    States acceptance letter: 8/19/15 Page 2 Item 3:
    “There is no local rule,regulation, of ordinance and there is no agreement that would prevent a minimum of 520 Future Zoned Units from being developed in the District”.
    Some Council members are now “spinning”
    On the radio: Advising 400 is the now the number… The facts are in the State doc. cited above.
    Online: Spinning the Little River Transit Village Study.
    This is the only independent study by a 3rd party to evaluate the City’s ability to supply potable water and sewage treatment to support a large build-out.
    The Project (2005) was to cover an area that straddled the Newbury / Newburyport line.
    The majority of the units were to be in Newbury. Newburyports responsibility, 200-300 residential units. at build-out, with a build-out alternative to be 720 units (for Newburyport).
    Weston & Sampson Engineers indicated that the City of Newburyport would “very likely not have sufficient capacity in its water supply to supply water to the development”.
    If City Council votes to accept this “engagement” with the Commonwealth it is committed to 520 Residential units, plus…hotel, restaurants, offices, shops etc. No one has shared the additional water requirements for that.
    85 hotel room on the waterfront by New England Development
    46 +/- (reports vary) Units of housing by David Hill.
    22 condos on the river-front between the Tole building and the Yacht Club
    6 Units of housing in an area known as the “sand pit’ on Route 1.
    679 Units (does not include the hotel, restaurants, shops, offices alluded to in the “Overlay Zone”
    One can easily imagine that the uncounted
    Weston & Sampson Engineers did not indicate what the lower limit of acceptability was for supportable development.
    Current numbers suggest we cannot support this volume of development.
    If you were a surgeon, would you operate with the “murky” information being provided by City Hall?
    If you were a pilot, would take of in a plane with such a dubious condition report?
    If you were an elected city official would you lead the City down the path fraught with danger signs?
    Worth noting: In its application to the Commonwealth, the City “self-certified” that it had “more than ample water and wastewater capacity” to support the proposed 540 units applied for.
    It’s self evident why it didn’t use the only independent study available.
    In effect, the City sent the fox out to provide a report on conditions at the hen house.
    More significant info is available.
    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe” Thomas Jefferson, Founder

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