Sometimes advice has unintended consequences

So, after putting out the last blog, I get this advice from Councilor Herzog,

“Please please please indicate in a prominent location either as a preface or a footnote ON EVERY BLOG POST that you are married to an electoral candidate. It’s called disclosure; and failure to disclose places both of you in a precarious situation.”

So, it is true, for this campaign season; I am married to a councilor-at-large candidate; but of course, Councilor Herzog had to put in a nasty biting edge to it; as if all my blogs are political or only about particular candidates.      My bone is with issues, and because some snotty nosed judge in the early years of the Internet made a ruling that bloggers are not protected by the First Amendment (An absurd ruling but which will have to be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court someday; which, even with Chief Justice Roberts presiding; will be shot down in short order), I have to document all my statements.

My purpose is, and has, always been, “Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport”     It doesn’t take a rocket science to know that a great many don’t want to do either here in town and that is where the fight will be focused.          I will probably wait until about the middle of October to give my endorsements; and as appropriate, document my assertions.

But what to do about my wife?     Well, Councilor Herzog is right – I should make it very aware anytime I mention another candidate, I will put a short disclosure down in small print below my blog insert.        This way, it will be a great way to inform a rather uninformed electorate; what amazing things that Sheila Mullins has done for this city without even being in office.     And she always did it as part of a team.   Just think what she can do if she joins the city council and works with that particular team!

So here is my disclosure, which will only be posted, as I said, when I mention another candidate running for office:

This blogger is married to Sheila A. Mullins, who is running for City Councilor at Large.      He whole-heartedly supports her efforts based on her past record and because those efforts literally shaped the look and feel of Newburyport.     She was the co-chair for the Axe the Access Road that prevented Suburban sprawl that would have eventually caused the Common Pasture to be covered in factories and housing – instead of ‘The Cows’, sunflowers and the Colby Farm; the weary commuter would have been met with rows of chemically-filled lawns and the resulting flooding from too much impervious surfaces.     She co-chaired the Community Preservation Act, which has generated well-over $12,000,000 in monies for affordable housing, historic preservation, open space and recreation.      Look at our parks, our historic buildings and affordable housing units and think what Newburyport would have been without the CPA.       Our high-bond rating is greatly enhanced because of the infrastructure money that is guaranteed to be generated year after year from the CPA program.       She was elected once before by the people of Newburyport to be part of the Charter Commission which has modernized and streamlined city government with the New Charter.        She also co-founded the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, which was cutting edge in resolving the feral cat populations so rampant in coastal communities. (and done without euthanizing most of the cats!)    Now, try to find a single one in the city and the organization has reached out statewide to teach other communities to repeat that same success story.        Right now, she has joined the Trust Fund Commission which is seeking to unlock large amounts of monies that were meant to improve our infrastructure, sidewalks and parks but have been ‘locked’ away for years.       Never a loner, she’s built to work with others of very diverse backgrounds and political viewpoints in order to get the work done.       Imagine that woman on city council with that kind of portfolio!   To know more, her website is

Thanks for the advice, Councilor!

-P. Preservationist



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One Response to Sometimes advice has unintended consequences

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Hold on, sir. You do not byline your posts and your about page at is equally vague, However, you openly promote your blog on Facebook and in other media; and it is because of this that I know who you are. Once upon a time, nobody knew the identity of P. Preservationist. Your blog is no longer anonymous and you owe it to your readers, of which I’m but one, to disclose you’re married to a candidate when writing (in)directly about candidates.

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