The 800 Pound Gorilla is back!

Gorilla disturbed

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names”

-John F. Kennedy

Obviously, after looking at the political line-up for the upcoming city council races; a group of candidates think the Central Waterfront is going to be the deciding issue.

I am here to tell you that they are dead wrong.

Believe it or not, COW will cease to exist someday.        What?    Did you think they would stand around on one foot, being a nuisance after they achieved their goals? (Like the NRA)   Soon, they will have achieved their objective of an open waterfront.      What else is there to do?    Stand around reminiscing?

The fact is that Newburyport’s success and affluence and prosperity have nothing to do with a Central Waterfront that hardly gets used nine months of the year.      Our historic downtown and its infrastructure, and the accompanying historic neighborhoods and infrastructure; is key to our economy.

Many who are members of the COW group vigorously stand up and applaud every time a house-flipper guts our historic houses.      Every time a developer or a business tramples down our history; they rejoice.

The fact is that the local historic district issue is very much alive.     The Corner Office wants to will it away but its coming back and it will get stronger – especially as plans to destroy our heritage tourism begin to come out into the open and gather steam.

People invested blood, sweat and tears into taking worn-out historic properties and causing our city to shine.       Their equity is tied up into their properties and secured by the settings of historic neighborhoods and yet, it would be, as it is in other historic ports; secured with a local historic district; but the same participants who are part of COW made sure it died.

We now have a Mayor who feels it’s her license to snuff out our historic architecture; we have a building inspector and his successor who wants every architectural element yanked out and trampled on the ground; and we have an emboldened dark sider element eagerly helping to tear our historic neighborhoods asunder.

The Local Historic District ordinance would have secured our property rights, our property values and our intense real estate desirability in perpetuity.

But we have wicked people who used distortions, intimidation, lies and sloganeering to make sure our Newburyport star begins to descend, just as it reaches its zenith.

And they think we won’t forget!

800_pound_gorilla at the Boards and Commissions

800 Pound Gorilla at City Hall, at our Planning Office and present at our volunteer Boards and Committees.

There is anger, fear and frustration in our neighborhoods.      Those who not normally would be involved in politics are getting involved.        Lawsuits and legal pursuits are being readied.        Of course, the Daily News, will be caught totally off guard and unprepared.      So be it.       Today’s social media is already busy and on its way.

The 800 pound gorilla is here.

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to The 800 Pound Gorilla is back!

  1. it is a shame that some anti Americans want to destroy our Bridge to view American history by changing the look and feel of colonial Newburyport. we have to save the city and its colonial view for future generations. just imagine being able to view the same view as our first president General George Washington viewed when he was in Newburyport during the colonial times and the birth of our nation.there is a lot of work to be done to get to city of Newburyport back to the way it looked in the colonial days. I believe the very phrase smart growth is a phrase of ignorance and greed. whoever would want to change Newburyport into a dump or a city that is not as splendid at the Colonial city that it is would be criminal and anti American.

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