Power Vacuum

Kick the dog around

Kickin’ the Dog Around

Just two words to explain why the NRA can not dissolve at this time.     When the Citizens are up in arms over the NRA; they go to the NRA.      When the Waterfront Trust is upset with the NRA; they go to the NRA.       When the City has a problem with the waterfront, more than likely; the NRA is somehow involved.

The land where the expanded park will be placed is a toxic waste site.     Before a park can be expanded; the area must be cleaned up.       It is rather obvious that the NRA has not lifted a finger to seek a cleanup of the site, nor applied for Brownfields funding; hoping upon hope a developer would end up doing it for them.

So, what if, all of a sudden, the NRA dissolves!?!

There is not only no dog to kick around – the bullseye of public attention moves to City Hall.

This is great on a practical level because as city property, CPA funds can be applied to gain new park property.      Grants and state funding can be accessed if only the land was city property! (Which it’s not!)

With the land back in the citizens’ hands; the mayor is stuck with the daunting task of cleaning up of the site, and all the liability on the land will land squarely on the city.

The Waterfront Trust, that arbitrary court-ordered organization now begins to reign supreme making the members of its board powerful in influence.

And all eyes would be turned to the Mayor.         No more posturing, no more excuses.

Just picture a big bullseye on our Chief Executive.Red bulls eye

With many challenges ahead with future garages and future NED plans, and many projects contemplated ahead for 2016;  adding this extra issue is definitely not welcome.

So I assure you – at least in this election year, it’s not going to happen.

But you know, it is an election year – the positions taken on this NRA dissolution request will be quite alive and lively until November 3rd.

Let’s see how each candidate weights in on this issue.

-P. Preservationist

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4 Responses to Power Vacuum

  1. Councillor Robert J. Cronin Ward 3 says:

    Ok Jerry, let’s deconstruct what you just wrote. In times of trouble we blame the NRA and how does the NRA respond? Frankly they don’t, nothing changes. You suggest the NRA wants to have a developer clean the site but we, the citizenry doesn’t want development on the people’s waterfront. The NRA has had over fifty years to address the problem. They haven’t as of yet and provide no plans indicating they will do so. Take the dirt lots as exhibit #1. Those are NRA lots not city lots.
    The WFT is not ready or able to take stewardship of this land, in my opinion, as they don’t yet represent the wishes of Newburyport but represent Newburyport, Newbury and West Newbury collectively. The time is here and now,nthe parking gararge and private development are on the horizon. It is time to unify as a city and get the waterfront issues behind us by creating open space. We are at the goal line. The time for not being ready is over. If the city can’t multitask and partner with the WFT to make the nessasary changes then individuals that are incapable need to be replaced. Jerry, your premise is weak when we should be fearless.
    “lead, follow or get out of the way”,

    • indyjerry77 says:

      You shame me. (Though I still don’t think it will happen, at least this year.)

      Tom Salemi knows I want the NRA dissolved – I’ve indicated it clearly.

  2. Ari Herzog says:

    If the only development to do is to raise the berm by infilling parking spaces that are relocated to the future garage, it’s irrelevant what’s under the soil.

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