Announcing a new website and a new direction

JBSI am officially unveiling a new organization: The John Bromfield Society.

The problem with Newburyport with a population of less than 18,000 is its host of organizations; most which simply won’t talk to each other or work with each other.          Fortunately, we do have some collaboration out there.    For example, the Custom House and the Cushing House working together; the Preservation Trust and the Custom House; and COW working with the NRA. (Just kidding)

The John Bromfield Society by its very nature is dedicated to putting in an infrastructure that promotes Heritage Tourism and improves the city’s already high level of quality of life.       This component is broken down into the following categories:

One, historic brick sidewalks installed throughout the Newburyport Historic District.    We don’t have brick sidewalks to generate an historic feeling, the sidewalks are beyond an emotional response – they are very much part of our history due to John Bromfield’s will.    Every effort available will be made to see historic brick inside the district and cement sidewalks installed in the remaining balance of our city’s streets.

Two, historic houses need to be preserved and protected.      This means working with the Newburyport Preservation Trust which is already hard at work ensuring this happens.     John Bromfield Society will assist whenever needed as an ally in this just cause.

Three, historic street trees need to be preserved, and increased in inventory.     This means working and promoting with the Tree Commission.       As a volunteer board, they may be limited financially, politically and socially from fulfilling their goal of covering the city’s Newburyport Historic District with healthy street trees.        John Bromfield Society will do everything possible to be the cheerleading squad for this important oversight commission.

Four, colonial lighting should be expanded and utility lines placed underground.       The fact that the city now owns the lights in the city should be a powerful incentive to expand the number of streets that are covered in colonial lighting.        Also, whenever possible; the undergrounding of the utility lines in the city.       This will require a large commitment of time and money.     John Bromfield Society has committed itself to seeing this happen.

Please check out the new website,

As always, the brick & Tree Blog will continue on many issues and subjects in the City of Newburyport but a lot of new posts will be dedicated toward the fulfillment of the Society’s goals.           Stay tuned as we provide membership information, meeting schedules and current updates.

-P. Preservationist




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