Time Out!

I was going to put something snarky about making sure everyone gets to the First Friday Friends Social tonight RIGHT ON TIME! (Assuming you’re a member or have been invited by a member.)     The Port food tonight is about a destination that powered the construction on our shipyards; it was also one of the major sources of the great migration westward, with our Donner Family involved (maybe THAT’s why we’re called Cannibal City!)      San Francisco  is the source of food which our Ward 2 Councilor Eigerman has intimate knowledge of; and it is absolutely incredible.

But then it hit me, the topic tonight is akin to lighting fireworks inside the building!

Tonight is about the exciting and sometimes sad story about the Central Waterfront that is still being played out even as I write.       It’s about clashing visions between citizens, and the developers and politicians caught in between. (of which many are certainly not guiltless!)      It’s an information session for those who want to know about the entire debate from inception to completion. (sometime in the distant future!)


Do not use tonight as a platform to push your or your allies’ position.      Do not grand stand.    Do not use the question and answer period to be an embarassment to yourself and to the rest of us.       Tonight is getting caught up on the facts and being informed and enjoying the great conversation (and food) at the Custom House Maritime Museum.

I hate to lay it out but both sides have many times behaved themselves in a crazy manner.        Knowing the facts, I certainly won’t say NOT to be crazy.

Just not tonight.

-P. Preservationist

Waterfront Original Plans

Blacktop Heaven – What almost happened!

Nightmare Plans for Waterfront

Then came the Dream!     No need for park grass in this plan!

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2 Responses to Time Out!

  1. David Strand says:

    I’m missing the point and the author.

  2. indyjerry77 says:

    I want to commend everyone last night for making the First Friday Friends Social a smashing good time. Saw so many new faces, and the conduct from all was exemplary.

    Talk about adding value to membership – where can you taste exotic foods from all over the world once a month with fine wines & beer; stimulating conversation surrounded by movers and shakers (and shlubs like me taking it all in). Then on top of all that are exhibits and lecturers relaying things that have not been heard of before!

    Poor Internet – what a sheltered child of knowledge.

    Joining the Custom House is absolutely the most value obtainable in Newburyport!

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