Is this anyway to get tourists?

Infill madnessI was amazed as I walked by 77 Lime Street; there was this rather familiar gentlemen gazing up at the building.      I knew I’ve seen him before; and he had a foreign gentleman with him who was gazing agape with horror.

Then it dawned on me – I’ve seen this guy at Mass Historic.

Turns out after inquiring, 77 Lime Street is now a celebrity stop on how NOT to practise historic preservation.      The guy with him was Chinese and he was being given a lesson on what not to do in a community.       What wtih the historic house just up the street being demolished; historic chimneys being ripped off a building on Orange Street; and examples of total and absolute rip out of anything historic off of State Street; we’re now a regular stop.

Looks like we’re finally being known internationally.

Won’t be long before there’s a big write up in some architectural magazine.

What’s next?   A tour bus from Boston?

Hope they stop at Loretta’s at noon time and explain to the Mayor what appreciation they feel!

I can’t wait! (Sarc.)

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Is this anyway to get tourists?

  1. Perhaps your most eloquent, cogent and insightful post. Thank you.

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