The Daily News – Home of the Dark Siders

Frankly, don’t blame our city reporter.       He’s been given the pro-developer line to champion.       To keep his job, we won’t be seeing in the next year; any favorable comments that speak for taxpayers who are seeing their equity, their property values and their quality of life go down the drain.

A select group of developers and the support structure for their efforts (banks, City Hall, lawyers, realtors, etc.) stand to profit big time.        Who cares about the 86% who support City Hall with their taxes?        Who cares about the extreme desirability of our real estate due to our historic neighborhoods?

These don’t matter apparently.

Like I say, it’s not his fault.       Many a journalist catches it on the chin, when obviously biased reporting is made; he’s just following his editor’s lead.       Besides, if you labor on an article, and because your boss doesn’t like it, it never sees the light of day; that is your precious time lost.

So, don’t waste your time when you see his comments in the ‘paper’.      He’s been bought and sold.        Focus on the real news generators who can be found on local blogs, on Facebook, our local cable channels, and that new local entity,

I still enjoy the Daily News as the paper of record; but always keep in mind; most of what is going on in the city will go unreported.      Seek multiple sources so you can become a well-rounded, fully-informed citizen.

We all locally need news, we just don’t need the propaganda.

-P. Preservationist

PS.  This from a paper that sits in a cinder-block building next to an ugly strip mall, facing the ugliest street in the city. (Liberty)    I don’t think equity, property values or quality of life issues are of any priority to them!

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