The Newburyport Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Hearings

For the first time in Newburyport’s history (as far as I know), the hearings for the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget are being aired ‘live’, broadcast on a regular cycle on PortMedia and will be available on the Internet for all to review until the budget is passed by the end of this month.

I normally would put them on the Citizens for Environmental Balance website, but there is no time!      So I hope everyone can catch these presentations before the budget is finalized!

June 1st Hearing:   (

June 2nd Hearing: (

June 3rd Hearing: (

June 10th Hearing: (

June 11th Hearing: (

If you have cable, you can also catch it on Channel Nine through PortMedia for the next 10 days as the budget is considered!   Here is the schedule.

The City Councilors need your input and your support (     

Shamefully, this year was no different than the others; hardly no one shows up to make their voices heard on the budget hearing nights.       But the Councilors need your input.       After seeing these videos; please send them your thoughts – especially as they are seeking items to cut or trim down in the budget.  The City Council will vote on the budget on June 29. 

Your input will be received gratefully!

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to The Newburyport Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Hearings

  1. edcameronnbpt says:

    Jerry, thanks for your dedication to this…

    the Council’s Special Meeting tomorrow night Tuesday June 23rd is very crucial. The full Council will meet and discuss and vote on possible cuts. The Council is able to make cuts but not add money. We’re going to take these initial votes Tuesday so we can then present to the Mayor for her response/feedback. The final vote on the budget would be Monday, June 29th at the regular Council meeting.


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