Plum Island – Just something to do!

I call them little adventures – like the time I rode out and explored the Devils Den, or took a hike around Kent Island with its pedestrian bridge over the train tracks; or driving to and then climbing Old Town Hill.       These little ‘experiences’ are the spice of life.

They certainly beat the endless drudgery that one can so easily fall into with modern living.    We can be pressing on to get to work, to get home, to get to the next thing – to do the chores and to work in our ‘cage’ of routine.

So on a weekend, I rode my bike out to Plum Island with the objective of walking the new redone South Jetty.      When I was a teenager (And that was a long time ago!), the jetties were in such bad condition I never actually could scramble all the way to the end.     I had always wanted to get there, and now I had a chance to achieve one of my ‘bucket list’ objectives!  (Okay, sometimes my bucket has little pebbles inside along with the big rocks.)

South Jetty ViewI finally found that I could either do two ways to approach the Jetty.     I could park the bike at the public restrooms and take a short stretch on the boardwalk until a pathway (with snow fences on either side) snaked across the dunes to the base of the Jetty.        Or, I could ride down the street that begins at the parking lot which heads south along the dunes to an opening that had signs encouraging the visitor to stay on the path to protect the plant life holding the dunes together.     The former looks like it would be quite a hike but is actually the better way to go.    I chose the latter and had to walk awhile on the beach to get to the base.         Lovely inlet at the base of the Jetty

Once I arrived, I looked down on the tiny inlet that stretched all the way to the white building where the Coast Guard Auxiliary meet.

Looking out at the entire Jetty, it seemed toSouth Jetty II me that it stretched for quite a daunting length.    I gathered my courage and began to take the trek.Dangerous gaps

The U.S. Corps of Engineers had required the finest work and I was amazed at the sheer size of the boulders, yet they had required that the rocks be very meticulously laid so one could walk rather easily between them on a rather level surface.     I looked down at the gaps between the boulders.      I simply did not want to think about falling into them.     It would be one nasty experience!

Leaping with little effort between the massive rocks, I soon lost my fear of falling in between them; and made fast work along the Jetty.     As I proceeded, I gazed over at the crane working on the North Jetty and theWork on the North Jetty boats that sped along the channel as it was high tide at the time.

Passing fishermen along the way, I finally arrived at the end.     Apparently, the very tip is not finished and from what I have read will soon be completed as part of the overall Jetty work.       The view was spectacular and I could clearly see Portsmouth, the Isle of Shoals and the great long neck of Cape Ann in the south while looking back at downtown Salisbury.     I took a video at the very tip.End of the Jetty

The view back to shore made it look like I had travelled for hours!     After pausing awhile for the view; I worked my way back in no time.South Jetty III


Of course, not for those who are physically challenged and definitely not during a heavy storm; it is a low-cost means to a breathtaking experience. (Unless you brought your car.)

For those who’s health will allow it; it is a definite must do!

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to Plum Island – Just something to do!

  1. John Harwood says:

    Yes, I have explored Old Town Hill, which is near my house, and Kent’s Island when the house still stood, Jerry.I’ll pass on the jetty walk, so thanks for sharing that adventure.John

    “I’ve done a lot of things I can’t do.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2015 12:00:27 +0000 To:

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