Tunnels: Discovery, Science and the A.S.S.

Until recently, the tunnels under Newburyport were ruled by the Anecdote and by the romantic telling of stories around the campfire – the stuff of legend.      It has been my intention that this whole situation needs to move beyond this emotional state and I have a small army of readers who are determined that we do move on from there.

Jones GangOur little batch of determined Indiana Jones’ are willing to do the discovery part and that includes research, on the ground analysis and a lot of hard work (and yes, eventually money).       And it will require us using the scientific process.       In science, you first propose a ‘concept’; then you fashion it into a theory, and then you create an anti-theory.      The statement is then generated, “If this theory is true, we should see…….” and the anti-theory should say, “If this theory is not true, then we should see……”     And then you use the experimental process of control subject and a tested subject; to create data to see if one or another is supported.

Invariably, as the process continues, we are then subjected to A.S.S.      I call them pooh-poohers.     Theses are authority figures, who because they represent some kind of higher mental state, will declare an established fact, simply based on their respected position.       They will say such biased statements as, “This is myth,” “there is no proof” or, “there is no evidence” and simply by the force of their position make a declarative statement of fact.    “These tunnels don’t exist” or reduce them to something familiar but mistaken, “These are sewer pipes.”     The worse is when they accuse all those who declared the existence of tunnels from historical figures to the present, as “liars and romantics”.          I call them Authorities with Silly Statements or A.S.S.       You can imagine what I call them off-blog.

You can see this in history when Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein established themselves as A.S.S. on topics they had no true familiarity with, simply because they were admired and respected; and we see it today from such varied sources  as Bill Gates to Steven Hawkings.

I bring this all out because our real intention is to find the facts no matter how brutal the results.      The process could reveal exciting discoveries, or it could dash a romantic inclination; but the truth will be unbarred for all to see and that should be our goal.     The moment we make excuses or try to defend the indefensible than we are no better than a con artist or suffering from delusion.    Or even worse, find ourselves utterly unable to abandon our preconceived ideas by saying such things as, “I don’t care what someone finds or says, there are tunnels down there because I believe!”

We should never be afraid to find out the truth.      Truth is its own vindication.

But as I outline the scientific process in the next blog on Tunnels; we need to ignore the A.S.S.’s who will try to pooh-pooh the effort.

Leave the A.S.S.’s to fill the journalist’s lines in the paper; we’re out to resolve this, and to gain so much more, as the fictional Professor Jones, Sr said when they found the Holy Grail:


 -P. Preservationist


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4 Responses to Tunnels: Discovery, Science and the A.S.S.

  1. Alex Dardinski says:

    Couldn’t a Ground Penetrating Radar Sled be rented? With an operator, surveyor and a police detail it would be a small price to pay to get some answers to a centuries old question about our history.

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