Get into the groove!

One of the favorite lines that dark siders feed the newcomers to Newburyport goes like this, “There is nothing unique about Newburyport, nor its culture, nor its houses” – they say this because many of them are craftsmen who want the freedom to do any damn thing they please to the houses, to the streetscape and to the very culture of our city.      Why else would they steal the National Register of Historic Places inventory listings from the Newburyport Library archives over the years!       Enclosed in those listings are invaluable histories and important events and famous people.        All of them contributing to the fame of our city.     I know because I have lived here for 28 years and seen the listings (and some other significant books) missing only for them to show up again.        To a dark sider, history is an enemy preventing them from making a fast buck.

But worse still, they make a mockery of our unique Newburyport culture.      They ridicule our history and try to deny that we’re anything more than just another small city on the map.       Again, without a history to use as an anchor; a lot can be achieved when you’ve made an abutter think there is nothing special about our city to preserve or to protect.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you as a reader, if you have discovered this blog, to make, your homepage.       It interconnects our culture, our history and what is actually going on in the city.          I don’t at this stage make any money from this site but I gladly interconnect many private and commercial webpages that do.

The theme is to preserve, promote and protect Newburyport.

You can not preserve what makes this city special without knowing what those special qualities are!       You can stay at an emotional level for just so long and instinctually feel our city is Beautiful – but one day if not preserved, it will no longer be beautiful.     You’ll be emotionally devastated, feel a great loss; without ever knowing why.        Get out of the fog and start using the mind that God gave you; find out what makes us so attractive as a city.

You can not promote Newburyport unless you know what makes us economically tick.     You can’t actually think you can horde all this ‘goodness’ all for yourself unless you know that 18,000 people can’t possibly sustain it.      We are not an island, there are no barriers except the Great Curse (which you wouldn’t even know existed if you never used this website!).      We need quality visitors and there is no future if we are nothing but a regional draw.      We have a top-rate International City and we need to draw the world to our doorstep. (Yeah, and make them pay for the privilege!)

You can not protect Newburyport if you don’t even know what to protect!     Walking around and doing community efforts that do not translate into protecting our good qualities is, as far as I am concerned, wasted effort.      We have self-serving developers (Yes, there are good developers here too!), house-flippers, boom-town exploiters, conmen and slick self-promoters.      We’ve got a building department that wants to destroy the very buildings that made us affluent.     A City Hall composed of many who want to reap a quick profit over the long-term benefit of our community (Thankfully, not all – learn from this website how to discern the good people from the bad)     We’ve newcomers who want to destroy the golden goose because they want what is familiar to them. (Usually something that caused them to flee from another community – and now they want to bring it here!)

By using (or if you prefer any other associated website that links to; you can monitor what is actually going on in the city.

I have lists of other organizations that are striving to make us a great place.    Links to those that are here to promote and protect; and I have as much history as I can cram into my databases (with more information to come as it is discovered.)

You’re not going to know what is really going on using Newburyport Commons, nor Nextdoor Newburyport Southend, nor any other community vehicle.       That’s more like the blind leading the blind.     I assure you the enemies of our high quality of life are much more sophisticated than a local neighborhood association.      This is an ancient community – the whole purpose of this website is so you can bone up fast and talk with as much confidence as a Townie.

All I ask, if you refuse to consult or use; that you please refrain from making a fool of yourself with anal statements at public meetings as if you know what’s going on; the rest of us will try to be patient with you, but,

Just don’t be surprised if we roll our eyes!

-P. Preservationist

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