We’re in a tough battle.

“My New Year’s resolution is to save Your Old Port from greedy developers, an overabundance of chain stores, and those who would dictate their tastes and wants upon us, leaving no room for healthy debate.    Newburyport remains the home of the Great Liberator and is a citadel of independent freedoms and lifestyles.   I will fight on your shores for you to remain free and funky.”’-Captain America (After his recent visit to Newburyport in November, 2014) as recorded by Phil Gardella, Newburyport’s Culture Vulture, as posted in the Current.

I was very pleased to read this morning in the Daily News that our Mayor cried out, “Enough!”  to putting a stop to this silly tyranny that is being played out in Newburyport.

Clever politicians in DC would intimidate and harass the opposition, by leveling an accusation, and then following it up with investigations and hearings based solely on the ‘seriousness of the charge’ regardless if there was any facts to support it.    It guaranteed continuing circuses without end.

And recently, we’ve seen the same mindset spread with the, “hands up, don’t shoot!” based on a fictional occurrence; peoples lives are being ruined and property destroyed over a lie; and discontent and misery spread across the country.

Here in Newburyport, it took a guy in a patriotic suit to re-align our priorities!*        We’ve got it pretty good here and yet we are being assaulted.      From selling out our waterfront to private developers, to demo-lawyers and exploiting house-flippers; to a growing population that want to ‘mayonnaise’ us to obscurity and abandon our distinctiveness; we’ve got a big fight on our hands!

We’ve got City Hall trying to push a particular vision on the city without room for healthy debate; and on the other hand; a minority that are so intolerant in their drive for tolerance; they wish to destroy any alternative viewpoint.

We have a very high quality of life here, with a very low crime rate and a legacy of accepting neighbors regardless of your economic or social standing; all in an atmosphere of historic neighborhoods that honor our nation’s past surrounded by beautiful ecology.

And yet, all that we possess is very fragile – and incredibly under attack.

It begs the question,

If we have a city that is wonderfully diverse and tolerant and open to new ideas, why are so many wanting to create division and intolerance?


Another important question,

If we’ve got it so good here, why are so many trying to abandon a good thing?

The answer is very simple,


-P. Preservationist

* Considering that the line of parents and kids that lined up around the block at the Tannery last year; his message is being heard.

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3 Responses to We’re in a tough battle.

  1. briish says:

    well you only have to look to gloucester to see the handwriting on the wall

  2. Tom Salemi says:

    I’ll admit, I’m not really sure what the point of this post was. It’s all over the place.

    But your suggestion that anyone who disagrees with you is motivated only by money or power is a divisive statement written to create the very acrimony you profess to hate.

    You’re leveling baseless accusations, just like the DC politicians.

    But you do apparently love a circus.

    • indyjerry77 says:

      Apparently you’re taking this too personally as if it was largely the NRA.

      In case you haven’t heard, the South End is being brutally attacked with demolished historic houses, brutal house flippers and demo-lawyers ravishing the neighborhoods. Then we’ve got an indifferent Mayor who can’t understand when she insists on slathering cement on our historic streets, that the neighbors who do want their property values to stay high and rock solid, get upset.

      Then, in a crazy counterpoint, we’ve got the star chamber looking to attack anyone who disagrees with them.

      Listen, the NRA is over. It’s job was to do eminent domain on distressed properties, improve them and sell them back to private owners. The NRA did a great job. The Citizens of Newburyport are now done with that scenario and want to keep the land and make it a park. If I was on the NRA, I would hand the land back to the city so the Waterfront Trust can take care of it. Or, you certainly can hold onto it and shepherd it to a park until the garage is finally built – that’s your call.

      We’re trying to save our city before the Bulldozer (That’s the Mayor) turns us into looking like Arlington. (I will have to visit it strictly out of curiosity!)

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