It’s VFA Day – Come Celebrate

150 years ago on the 10th, 1865; the scene at the Appomattox Court House played itself out.     General Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant met face to face for the first time to discuss surrender terms.

Friday 150 years ago, the Civil War essentially ended.

I call it Victory for America because what came out of that day shaped itself into our present day United States of America.

I invite you to celebrate at the Custom House Maritime Museum as Bill Hallet recounts the events of that day.   And of course, this is the Maritime Museum and so a tale will be told of the messy Civil War ending for one Newburyport ship captain on the high seas.

Once you arrive at 6:00, you will be accessing the fine wines of our town’s Grand Trunk and imbibing on Harpoon Beer while Sheila Mullins will be laying out a very fine spread of authentic foods from the Caribbean Island of Barbados.      The rest of the time, great people with great conversation will be visiting the museum which will be fully available to explore.


This night is member’s only and their invited friends.       It is my strong belief that if you want to be fully a part of Newburyport’s society; you need to support one of our two museums: the Custom House and the Cushing House (Museum of Old Newbury).     That means join.      But if you haven’t joined before Friday, you can come and join that very night or you need to find a member who is a friend and get yourself invited; for it will be quite a night.

First Friday Friends Nights have become ‘thee place’ in town, and there is just so much room available.

My advice, “Come early”.

-P. Preservationist



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