So where did we leave off?

Oh, yes!     What with the exciting development of acquiring Colby Farm Properties; and the heart-pounding drive to raise seed money for the Newburyport Train Station’s latest transformation (And hopefully successful); I can get back to outlining the clear goals of Newburyport Historic Preservationists.

I would like to see them all clearly outlined before the 2015 Preservation Week.

 1. Historic District Signage
2. National Register Education & Protection
3. Sidewalk Installation & Maintenance Plan
4. Tree Commission Support
5. Utility Lines Undergrounding
6. Rubber sheeting
7. New Building Inspector & Building Department
8. National Landmark Status
9. Archeological Ordinance
10. Public Restriction Tract Index
11. Local Historic District Expansion

I left off at the goal of seeing a new Building Department and new building inspector and I should be able to resume tomorrow the next goal: the attaining of National Landmark status for Newburyport.

Though obviously blogging is too hard for most of us because it requires a lot of research and work; it has its advantages.     Chiefly that unlike other social media forms on the Internet; the blogs stick.      People are still reading my blogs from 2009!

Time CapsuleIt means that they have a powerful impact with a long lasting tail.      It’s so powerful, it has erupted violent comments on ancient posts – which is no sweat off my back.     Since its old, I don’t even know the reader said it or what they said, until I happen to review my old posts some spare time.          

Of course, the fact that they stick and float around redoubles my efforts to make sure they are well-documented and as timeless as possible.     

One day, someone may uncover an old-dusty blog of mine. (probably in an NSA archive file) and may take it for history – who knows!       So, for posterity’s’ sake, it better be factual!

-P. Preservationist

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