Trust But Verify

I want to thank so many who voiced their support for the acquisition of the Colby Farm Property (properties, we hope.)      I said it in a previous post, but I’ll say it again,

the timing is ‘damn inconvenient’.

The Mayor has been buffeted by enormously stressful events that frankly were beyond her control.     I want to thank her personally for making sure the City makes its commitment to preserve this open space that defines the character of this section of Low Street with its scenic views, and to make it possible to work toward the possibility of athletic fields and/or other community uses.

I want to thank Ward 5 Counselor, Larry Giunta, for not just sticking to his guns but making sure everyone knew from the Planning Board, to his fellow city counselors and to the Mayor; the will of his constituents.

I also want to thank all the volunteer boards and the Planning Director and his staff; for trying to find a way to do this in such a fiscally trying time.

By the way, I want to thank especially, the one woman who also spoke last night in support of the Colby Farm acquisition.    I did not get a chance to catch her name – but in lieu of finding out, I want to thank her for coming out on a dreary Monday night to do so!

Colby Aerial View

I’ve been here only 28 some years and I have personally witnessed a host of shenanigans; can you imagine what the typical Townie has seen over many generations!?!      So, it has been gratifying that everyone in town, granted with grumbling under their collective breath; decided to do the right thing after-all and begin to save these lots.

But echoing Ronald Reagan’s famous treaty with the Soviet Union, “Trust but verify”; we need to keep up the pressure.    Off-handed remarks of, “Everyone in town has lost interest” and, “People are more concerned about other priorities”; are anecdotal excuses begging for justification.      If we leave it to the politicians, and move on to other pressing issues; this will only reinforce such statements and encourage them  to abandon their voiced commitments.

We need to keep up a steady, committed pressure and to monitor that indeed the purchase occurs and the Mayor* (as the Purchase & Sale Agreement states) signs off that the city will indeed be acquiring the initial lot.

Of course, the bad news goes to Lise Reid, the Park Director who will, with the help of the Planning Office’s grant writer; track down and apply aggressively for grants to help fund this sensitive area of the upper Common Pasture.      Having done my share of grant writing; I completely empathize!

And as for the Open Space Committee, I hold no grudges and only call for them to echo Horace Greeley’s exhortation,

“Go West, young man [and woman], go West and grow up with the country.”     

More about this in a later post!

-P. Preservationist

* The Mayor may think I unfairly cast dispersions toward her but it doesn’t help when Mr. Hendrickson stated the Mayor made the following claim in the Daily News.    Since then, I haven’t seen any retractions. (Perhaps I missed it.)

Low Street View

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