Newburyport Train Station – We’ve done it!

Metzy's Dream

Thank you everyone for making it possible for $30,000 in pledges to come to pass!

Let’s savor that victory today,

But tomorrow, it’s time to pony up!    My moths will be hacking furiously but too bad.

Pledge drives are great on paper but now comes the follow through.

Metzy’s Taquieria will be busy – they’ll be meeting with the MBTA, the finance companies and spending hours how to make this space work, and of course, the actual construction.

Our job will be to cover their back.

And when we see the place opening up, let’s patronize them as much as possible!     If you use the train, their wraps are just the thing to take with you, and if you’re on the rail trail, come on down a little further and grab a bite.      It worked for Haley’s Ice Cream – revitalizing a remote restaurant into a place where it’s tough getting a parking space (or even a bike rack spot!); it will work here too.

They need a secure base before the tourists can fill in the financial gaps.

-P. Preservationist


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