Newburyport Train Station – We’re getting close!

If I put my money into something – I want it to count!

No, I don’t want the money back – but that will happen if we can’t reach the goal.

The Train Station when NewWe need Metzy’s to revitalize a sorely lacking facility in our city – especially as it stands at the gateway for so many visitors on the trains.

But I am repeating myself – so take a look at my previous post as to the importance of revitalizing the Newburyport Train Station.

They need the $30,000 in seed money and then the financiers and the restaurant owner take it from there.      They are closing in on that amount but they are not there yet.

I’m afraid that far too many, burned out by our winter, are elsewhere (like in warmer climates!); and the normal crowd that stream by the Plum Island Airport are simply unaware.     Though I beat them to the punch, I am so glad that the Daily News did a major feature on the effort.     But we need more people to spread the story.Metzy's Dream

So, while you’re doing that, I’m going to pony up and make another donation – I’m urging those who read this blog and other links that see this post, to put in just a little more.      I’ve got my wallet moths coughing up a fit, but this will mean so much for our city especially as the summer approaches and the Clipper City Rail Trail, Phase II begins construction in 2016.

Please access their donation page and let us put the amount over the top!

-P. Preservationist



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