Here’s a chance to advance Newburyport in a BIG WAY

Typical of the Daily News to completely skip out on something that for some reason has nothing to do with Amesbury or with Salem.        But this is really big.      We’ve got a beautiful train station that has had nothing but sad stories attached to it.       Someone tried to have a coffee shop in there but because the MBTA never bothered to put in proper electrical connections, and the interior was so uninviting; the business failed and the City was forced to pay the owner for damages he suffered in his attempt.       Finally, Mayor Moak and the City washed their hands of it by giving this beautiful building paid for by Federal dollars and in which the columns from the former YMCA hold up the foyer; back to the MBTA for a dollar.

But Lo!    Metzy’s Taquieria has conceived a plan by which commuters may be serviced through a commissary and their popular food truck can have a base of operation with a full-service restaurant.        THERE IS A CHANCE TO CHANGE THIS GIANT (AND I MIGHT ADD ATTRACTIVE) ALBATROSS INTO A REAL PLUS FOR THE CITY!

BUT THEY NEED HELP!       They have financing available but they need to raise $30,000 in seed money before everything begins to fall into place.       Years ago, the citizens of Newburyport pitched in to create the Newburyport Area Industrial Development.      They pitched in because they wanted to see the city benefit – well, our train station needs help.      It is a gateway to our city, soon to be the axis for the Clipper City Rail Trail loop and as Minco builds around the traffic circle, our beleaguered depot should be everything it should be to welcome visitors to our great community and to reflect our vibrant business community.      Explaining it in Metzy’s words:



“910 new Kickstarter supporters pledging at the $20 level will get us all the way there!  Considering we have almost 3,000 “likes” on Facebook and thousands of supportive customers, we hope that we can convince all of our day-in/day-out customers to participate.  Remember that all KS pledges come with a REWARD!  Lots of little pledges is what we hope we can get started TODAY!”

Newburyport Train Station with contemplated graphics

Newburyport Train Station with contemplated graphics

“Over the past 6 months, Metzy has been working with local, State, and MBTA officials to “win” the right to invest in and re-activate the local Newburyport Train Station. This process has cost us a tremendous amount of $ and hours over the winter, but we have been happy to make this investment. We see this project as a symbiotic business plan benefiting not just us, but the City, Greater Newburyport Residents, and visitors alike, We “won” the designation to be the lessee from the MBTA about a month ago. We have roughly TWO WEEKS until we have to formalize and sign the contract for our long-term lease. We have until March 29th to raise the $30,000 to support our plans. The final PRE-project (pre bank loan) costs that relate to getting us to the “finish-line” point of actually starting to construct the new restaurant that we have planned for the space, are the costs that we are asking for the public to join together and help us with. To be clear, we will be investing MUCH more money into making this building a vibrant bistro/cafe that will make Newburyport proud! The $30,000 we are raising together with our supporters is only the “BRIDGE” money to get us to the finish line (or starting line :))

“In order for us to move our awesome plans forward to build our own restaurant & commissary in the Newburyport Train Station, we NEED YOUR HELP to raise $30,000 through this Kickstarter campaign.

Below is the proposed layout for the restaurant at the train station:

Our first draft for design plans
Our first draft for design plans

“It is worth noting that the local and regional lenders we have been working with on our plans have told us that if we can show we have this level of support of $30,000 from the community, they will be happy to move forward to fund the remainder of the project)

“IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we succeed in this “BRIDGE” funding through Kickstarter, so please help us spread the word!”

The P. Preservationist may be poor but their $20 plan is worthy of support – I’m opening my wallet – “Come on moths!”

-P. Preservationist

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