Basic Training is badly needed Right Now

One of the tremendous challenges that faced General George Washington when commanding the Continental Army; was the lack of discipline and knowledge from his troops.

Enthusiasm?      He had buckets full – soldiers from every walk of life, all empowered by a patriotic zeal but they lacked working as a team, lacked following orders and when in the face of the enemy; literally melted away at the slightest aggression.

His first task was to meld them into a fighting force.      He found it in Baron Von Steuben who, using his knowledge from the Prussians; melded the soldiers into a powerful army.     History will note in irony that in World War I & II Germany was defeated by powerful U.S. battalions founded on German fighting techniques and in the second war by a general with German ancestry.Van Steuben

I rattle all this off, because it is very disconcerting when your ‘troops’ are green, can’t get along with each other – in fact, fight amongst themselves, and have no knowledge of how to be a soldier.     Worse, when the enemy is aggressive and attacks; literally melt away and surrender.

Historic preservationists need to be melded into a fighting force.     One of the first things that is needed is for everyone to be on the ‘same page’.      Know a preservationist’s standards, know your goals.     Not so easy because it’s hard work, is to know how to handle yourself in a community and political fight.      To be prepared especially when it comes to the tools (weapons as it were) available to protect heritage tourism and historic assets.        The last thing to learn is battle experience – something only gained out in the field – facing the enemy and learning how to deal with them.

I will enrich the database as much as possible on; but it’s all useless if no one accesses it.      I put it all together as a gateway to a multitude of different resources and a multitude of different organizations.      But after exploring some of the links; when it comes to getting the tools you need right away; I Protect%20Sloganhave put them in a handy format – all you have to do is press the picture that says, “Protect your house, protect Newburyport”.

Please do me a favor, though.     So I won’t find myself alone out in the field during a battle with the rest of you running away so hard that your heels are beating on your butts – please access the link to the “Basics“.

Let’s get everyone on the same page and be ready.

-P. Preservationist

PS. This is the last time I’m going to mention where the info is located.    Most of the enemy are either out shoveling or purchasing tickets for warmer climates.      They don’t need to know later in the year what you know especially when things start getting hot.

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