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The History behind the 40R Development

From 2003 to 2004, a Strategic Land Use Committee (SLUC) was assembled by then-Mayor Al Lavender – in this forward-thinking assembly were representatives from the industrial park businesses, the Planning Board, the Chamber of Commerce; and at the table were representatives from … Continue reading

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Stop the damage!

Let’s face it – we’re in it for the long haul.     Winter is about us and the cold just repeats, day after day.        This means that snow and ice and probably slush is everywhere.      The worst though is black ice.       … Continue reading

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One Good Move!

I have seen some nicely built restaurants, money poured into the atmosphere and yes, even the customer service up to par; and they have failed because the food was just no darn good.       And I have seen restaurants stuck in … Continue reading

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Insufficient Signage

What would happen if one day you woke up in your comfortable house, looked outside and found out that overnight, the area around your home had been designated a national park!      No one told you; I mean you saw the pristine … Continue reading

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While you were sleeping.

Apparently, seeing the response from the last few posts, most everyone is still sleeping.      Well, when you wake up, I hope you see that many here in town, outside and inside City Hall have your back.        There are city councilors who … Continue reading

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A Nasty Disconnect

With the MVRTA involved, the design plans for the new garage are now squarely in their control.      But we’re not dealing with a bunch of amateurs, this task has been assigned to Kleinfelder, a company with offices in Framingham and … Continue reading

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How the Garage is supposed to look!

The Planning Office has many ‘vehicles’ by which design and forecasting must abide so as to give City Hall a clear direction.     One of the most powerful has been the Master Plan of 2001.      Many of its objectives have been … Continue reading

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