One Good Move!

I have seen some nicely built restaurants, money poured into the atmosphere and yes, even the customer service up to par; and they have failed because the food was just no darn good.       And I have seen restaurants stuck in a back alley, cramped for space and even in unfavorable neighborhoods; that literally knocked your socks off when it comes to the food.     Yes, even the customer service could be bad – and yet they succeeded.  (Sometimes a little pain is worth the reward of a great taste experience!)

But nothing can save a restaurant in which there is just absolutely no room.

Many a time I have passed this place, remembered the good owner, good as in engaged with the community, with great food and had to pass it on by with great sadness.     From what I could see from the street, it was just too packed inside.       And I bet many a potential customer by the hundreds have done the same.

So when I heard of the tentative (hopefully by this blog’s posting, firm news) move by Loretta’s to the old Macro Polo location (Cardsmart for us old-timers), I became absolutely ecstatic.      It’s a big move into a very big space, and with the painful expense of putting in a kitchen; but if they don’t compromise the quality of the food; they will be fine.    No, I correct myself!   They will be great.

And believe me, Oregano’s across the street won’t feel a dent in their business – different types of food and I might say, a largely different crowd.

In fact, there will be many pluses for the bigger space.      This is the Mayor’s favorite restaurant for lunch.      Why she could, if she wanted to, resurrect old Bossy Gillis’ method of holding court outside City Hall!      There would plenty of room.

The plans are for the move to be made sometime this year.

I know I’ll be one of the first patrons for lunch – and I’ll be able to stretch my legs while dining!

-P. Preservationist



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1 Response to One Good Move!

  1. I sure hope Loretta’s has much success in the new spot. I truly do not give a rat’s behind if the mayor of Newburyport considers this her favorite place or not. I do hope the owners will provide top quality food and service in this newer, larger location. I’ve been there several times and have brought friends with me recently. Never a disappointment. Please keep us updated on when they will be open for business in the new space.

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