Don’t let them cause you to miss it!

The Old South is going to have a candlelight service on Christmas Eve at 7:00.

And no one knows it!

They reflect the same attitude that seems to pervade our city.      We as a community have kick-ass events, and commercial, cultural and ecological sites galore; and we as a whole don’t tell anyone about it.        The Chamber points at the City and the City points at the Chamber and it simply does not get done.        And the result is always the same: great restaurants and shops close, events get cancelled and opportunities become lost – year after year.

And the Old South is also caught in this strange practice of omission!    It seems to come from some Theological rationale.     Apparently they have fallen into hyper-Calvinist tendencies.        John Calvin was a theologian who believed that God predestined due to foreknowledge all the actions that would ever be made.          A hyper-Calvinist with dizzying intellect goes one step further.         It goes something like this:

“God has this tendency to play god and has basically dominated all actions – good and evil and has pre-scripted world events.     He wants to save mankind but he wants to do the choosing.      Therefore, if you are a lover of God, you certainly don’t want to spoil His plans by advertising this salvation because you’d be insulting him. (Somehow the hyper-Calvinist has a will of his own)         So they don’t tell anyone.      They don’t advertise, they don’t promote and they certainly don’t do anything as injurious to God by inviting anyone!”

Well, sorry – I’m going to horrify them.     I’m inviting as many people as possible to come.    They gather in this most ancient historic sanctuary surrounded by one of New England’s few Trump L’oeil ceilings.    They have a huge, fully functional organ that is an absolute joy to hear and an accomplished organist, Michael Martin, playing it.    The sanctuary’s beautiful “fool’s the eye” is really something to see.       And just like Newburyport, they have assembled a fantastic choir and program to impress, well, “someone”.

That will be you if you would only know about it.              And now you do!

(And I doubt God will be the slightest put off if you decide to come!!!!)

-P. Preservationist




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