Up Your Game!

I’m not here to cause trouble (this time) but I want to warn every non-governmental organization in town.        The Mayor is seeking to suck dry the CPA funds and send the whole lot into the city’s control.

We saw in the political antics of last year that she’ll approach it in two ways: One, she’ll drown the CPC with project after project which if each was funded would leave no money left for NGO’s.     Two, for those projects that she senses will have some push back; she’ll use political pressure and if necessary, mob rule.

Now, we can all get upset and jump on our soap boxes and wring our hands but that frankly is a lot of wasted energy.       The better way to do it is to take the lead of the Old South and the Religious Society of Newburyport.       There was a time that giving money to a church here in town would have caused the local government establishment heart photo_thumb.jpgfailure.     But the Old South broke through that political ceiling by indicating the benefit to the community.       People come from all over the world to visit the crypt of George Whitefield.       What a slap against our city to have them come to a shabby mess (seen the First Parish lately?)     They demonstrated a community benefit.

What photograph taken hasn’t included the clip_image005_thumb.gifmagnificent spire of the First Religious Society of Newburyport?     It’s been even part of our Yankee Homecoming promotional literature.    It’s structural integrity and aesthetic value is closely linked to Newburyport.       But they did something even better.      They created a top rate presentation that covered all the questions by the CPC.     Even Geordie Vining from the city’s planning office could have learned a thing or two.

You can hand wring or you can take the examples of these two organizations and make sure your advocacy and presentation are top-notch.        The organizations that touch in some way affordable housing, historic preservation, open space and recreation and have a pressing need – start working now to make your February project the very best it can be.

The money is there – now fight for it!

-P. Preservationist


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3 Responses to Up Your Game!

  1. YEAT-boy says:

    Maybe the Old South should submit for replacement/completion of their spire, lost in a storm many years ago…

  2. They applied last year to redo the Tromp L’oeil celing which was damaged by the leaking roof. The CPC gave them money to fix the roof – but to get money for interior work was unprecedented and failed. That was why the Ellen T. Brown Chapel at the Oak Hill Cemetery received much exterior work assistance but their inside (walls look awful) is still left to the caretakers to seek funds from elsewhere.

  3. And yes, they aught to have rather sought money for the steeple which can be seen far out to sea!

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