Since I did endorsements for the primary; it would only be natural that for the general election, I’d do the same.

As for the state senate race, Katy Ives is the logical choice – she is the kind of politician that both sides of the aisle can work with because she is looking out for her constituents not for the Dem party.

As for the state rep race – Ari, Ed & James are my top choices – I personally don’t think that Ed will represent us over the Dem Party.  One of the dirty truths is the Dems have cut local aide ssignificantly.  If he is elected, he must prove to us all that we are  number one not a bunch of Party people.

I am more concerned over the questions on the ballot.   If we were the size of California – we could survive these ballot questions.      But Mass shares New England with five other states.

Yes on one, no on two, yes on three and no on four.

In Newbury, question five should be a yes!    CPA in that town will help in slowing the process of suburban ism and preserve historic building and property.    It will also help them financially as their bond rating will improve and give them better loan interests and better opportunities.       Will the citizens look into the future or foolishly refuse state matching funds.

I hope the citizens choose wisely!

-P. P. Preservationist


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