P. Preservationist’s Endorsements

One of the odd things about being the P. Preservationist is the creation of a literary split personality.     Personally, I am a Conservative, and a Tea-Partier – and for those who know me individually; this can make for much confusion.      Especially when I am dealing with such a sensitive issue as politics.

For those who look at the world with black and white; politics is something to avoid.     In fact, too much immersion into its murky depths can actually destroy the soul.     That is why I always encourage engineers and scientists I meet to not get into politics – it is totally antithetical to their being. (And for that matter, I wouldn’t vote for someone who is an engineer or scientist – either they are bad engineers or scientists or they are bad politicians!)

 Thus, when I give out endorsements, I am not following a party-line or ideology (other than for the enhancement, promotion and protection of the City of Newburyport.)     With that very localized goal – I speak with confidence concerning the primary.

I endorse Senator Ives with great enthusiasm.     There was an editorial recently about why she should not to be re-elected.    By the time I was thru reading it, I knew definitely that this is a politician who is out looking for our back and one of those backs is business.    Yes, progressives have this odd determination to run every commercial enterprise either out of town, out of state or out of business.      Yet, without our eco-tourism, our heritage tourism, our industrial (and office) park and our basic working people; we would be in a very sorry situation and no manner of state largess could make up for the situation locally.     Senator Ives has wisely tempered her natural tendencies and mixed it with common sense and practicality and has done it with style.      

Now concerning the race for state representative, on the Republican side I see James Kelcourse.      No one is running against him.     But if they did, I’d vote for the other guy!     He is anti-CPA, hangs out with Frank Cousins who is anti-historic preservation and is determined to copy Frank’s tendency for backroom ‘deals’.     Thus you would never know where he stood and what conniving would be contemplated at any given moment.*

On the Democrat-side, I am strictly looking from a Newburyport angle and the obvious choice would be Ed Cameron.    Firmly seated in a party that is increasingly at odds with the rest of America and determined to resurrect the failed economic system of Communism; they have abandoned the Judeo-Christian ethic.      Republicans aren’t allowed to lie or steal or deceive; because they are supposed to follow a moral ethic.      Democrats reject it and thus are almost given a pass when they lie or steal or deceive.    

Saying all that, I am reminded of the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean when Captain Sparrow is confronted and accused of cheating by Will Turner and Sparrow simply responds emphatically, “Pirate”.     Well, when it comes to the Democratic Party determined to act like pirates, if I had to choose one, I’d choose Ed.      

He’s a ‘nice’ pirate (‘er Democrat)

-P. Preservationist

* Kelcourse may win this election thanks to the actions of the President and the G0overnor and the tax loving and splurging Democrats on Beacon Hill, but he will not be a knight in shining armor and more often will have a deft ear to those who wish to enhance and promote Newburyport.


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