Need some help!

We’ve got a situation here that I frankly don’t know how to handle unless we all pool together.       You see, we have a pair of golden eagles that have taken up shop in the new Business & Industry Park that is just off Parker Street and Graf Road. (This is the ‘old’ Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Park in case you haven’t noticed the rather cold, professional new signage)

The Audubon Society refuses to acknowledge they exist.

In fact, they claim they are immature bald eagles.     Now, any one with some common sense knows that the latter are fish eagles while golden eagles love such things as rabbits and Canada geese.

If you persist, they then say that they are turkey vultures.

Last night in the early evening, I saw one of the pair right on top of the Back Bay across from the wind turbine.      His (or her) size dwarfed the typical vulture with a breathtaking wingspread enjoying the thermals.      They are much more aggressive and athletic than either bald eagles or turkey vultures.      In fact, I watched them do a mating dance in which they hooked into each other’s claws and swirled around plummeting to the ground and then breaking off and swooping up in the air.

Which is my problem.    I have tried repeatedly to get a picture and one moment they are just overhead and then with an effortless movement, they are 500 feet in the air.

Since I know many walk the Clipper City Rail Trail, and with the preponderous of cell phone cameras; I am asking everyone to chip in and get a picture.

Then they need to make that extra effort to contact the Audubon Society at Joppa Flats so a professional birder can come out and make an official confirmation.      Might as well call the Daily News in the hope that putting it in the paper of record will prompt some action.

In the meantime, come out and see these magnificent birds!    I have spotted them on the rail trail, Marches Hill, Back Bay, the Great Marsh and of course, the Common Pasture close to Hale Street.       I have no idea where they are nesting.

-P. Preservationist

The size and the head will help you identify them.

Here is the silhouette of a golden eagle:

Golden Eagle Silhouette

Here is the silhouette of a turkey vulture:

Turkey Vulture is similar

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4 Responses to Need some help!

  1. Joe Teixeira says:

    They are most likely immature Bald Eagles as opposed to vultures. They are most definitely not Golden Eagles. The summer range of a Golden Eagle comes nowhere near here and the winter range makes it still highly unlikely:

    Also, immature Bald Eagles practice the hooked talon mating dance: Golden Eagles do not do that dance.

  2. Contact John Gavin, a gifted wildlife photographer. Also, Sue McGrath of Nbpt Birders, who collects and submits sightings to the daily and The Current. 978-462-4785.

  3. YEAT-boy says:

    Easy way to spot a vulture is that the wings from a “v” when flying, with a side to side rocking motion. Eagles wings are flat as a pancake when they fly. I have to agree with Audubon – very unlikely they are Golden eagles. We see balds all the time in the Rockies as well. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them set up shop in the industrial park. See Grinley at the bird watchers store..he may be able to help.

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