Stop the Shabbiness!

In the tourist industry as in any commercial venture; you’ve got competition – and it can get pretty intense.       To compete, you’ve got to have a great allure, but you’ve also dedicate to marketing and promoting.       And then,when you’ve finally have visitors; you’ve got to make sure it is such a memorable, pleasurable experience; they will not only return but will bring their friends and families.

Newburyport has buckets of allure, compressed and overflowing.       We’re still weak when it comes to marketing and promoting but I know that finally City Hall and the Chamber are uniting to get it done.        And we’ve got visitors.

But now we have to discard something that Newburyport has had for years – the shabby-sheek look.       That unkempt, rather worn-down appearance that is presented to our guests.       

The funny thing is, it’s not expensive to dispense with it!      Our sidewalks need to be swept and kept looking sharp, our curbs need to cleaned of debris, our trees need to be trimmed.    Our downtown shops need to stop thinking the city will take care of the front of their shops and sweep up the dirt and weed between the cracks.          

I think that one thing that would really sharpen the entire Newburyport Historic District would be to keep the weeds off the bricks and the cracks between cement surfaces.   Below is a fine example of a relatively non-toxic application that is easily identifiable and won’t terrify the EPA:

JBS Weedkiller Formula

Newburyport is filled with beautifully maintained yards and landscapes.      We need to extend that kind of impression to the sidewalks.       Literally, due to the way our state is setup; the DPS and the City can’t fully do the kind of maintenance that our historic areas demand.       

It is going to be every citizen’s job to make our city the kind of experience that guarantees that we have not just visitors but a whole train accompanying them.

-P. Preservationist


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