Check it out!

While heading down to the Custom House for tonight’s performance, be sure to take a walk through the Preservation Trust’s “Vanishing Treasures” exhibit.       It is quite spectacular and gives a nice sampling of the architectural styles that exist in the Newburyport Historic District.      They cover the styles of doors, hinges and windows and the beautiful molding that is rapidly disappearing from houses.

Speaking of rapidly disappearing, up on the wall big as can be is a pictorial map showing how much of the city has been demolished and how much new construction is slowly supplanting around the district.       It is quite alarming and brings home not only how historic preservation is a worthy task – but it gives us a sense of urgency.


I laughed at the intense desire of many who come to the city to get rid of historic architecture and our history.      Recently, Ten Center Street was sold; and I’ll tell you why.    Every bit of history in that structure other than some studs on the wall has been ripped out – people want to come to our restaurants, especially a fine, dining establishment and ‘feel’ Newburyport’s historic atmosphere while they enjoy the fine food.     Instead, they get a featureless environment with just a tiny historic picture in the corner that depicts an ocean scene from another area!

Now we’ll get some outsider without any context to our streetscapes and our heritage; giving us their one-size-fits-all restaurant theme.      

I wonder what the name of the new restaurant that will replace them will be called.

I remember Middle Street Foods, sold and at first they had some stupid name, Nantucket Taste in there and then, wisely changed the name.       Or the River Merrimac Restaurant that was in the Tannery, that misspelled the River (It’s Merrimack d_____s!)    At least Fifty Water is more accurate.

I have a recommendation for the new owners that will eventually replace the new owners on Center Street,

Ten Center Street (with the history put back in!)

P. Preservationist


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3 Responses to Check it out!

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    The Daily News reported the new name of 10 Center Street is Nix’s Mate. It’s a chain. Here’s a link to their Boston location:

  2. Port Sanity says:

    People lament the fact that Newburyport Development/Stephen Karp owns “too much” of Newburyport. Now some of the property has been sold, but you lament the fact that it has been sold to an “outsider.”

    • indyjerry77 says:

      You’re just being argumentative – I love ‘outsiders’ buying into Newburyport. It’s that reason that our property values are high – the desirability of our properties! But you don’t open a store in New York City and label it ‘Yankees Suck’. Learn about the unique culture, history and setting in the Lower Merrimack – don’t spend all that money and then be a rube.

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