Caught on Video

Tonight was just tremendous – captured on tape was an interpretive re-enactment of the events that lead to the ‘Waterside’ becoming a separate town from the rest of Newbury.       Newbury by the way at that time stretched to the boundary with Groveland and south to the border with Rowley – quite a substantial area.

As depicted tonight (they ran their meetings more like a British Parliaments than what we would think a legislature should act – quite a raucous affair.) it was a tense affair.     As Bethany Groff from Historic New England indicated tonight, the entire rest of Newbury was dead set against the creation of  Newbury-port.      It took the influence of some well placed merchants from the city to heavily influence the Massachusetts legislature (which was still part of England at the time).

I am excited that it was caught on tape and will do my best to get this available for cable and the Internet.       As we celebrate the 250th anniversary of the creation of Newburyport; this event should be seen by more of our citizens.

Historical depictions whether by documentary or by dramatic re-creations; helps us all to appreciate the history that occurred in this place and in many of the buildings.

As one of the attendees mentioned tonight, it gives us a holy appreciation of the historical drama that occurred in our very houses where citizens put their lives at risk or sacrificed to see the community around them benefit.

May that holy attitude spread through our city for we truly are a special place.

And many of us get to live here!

-P. Preservationist



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