Don’t forget how far we’ve come!

Sometimes  you just want to spit when you see all the threats against our community.

It can make us very bitter, generate anger and ultimately; a temptation to just quit the whole deal.

Some do quit and even go so far as to move away.     Most though not only just quit but walk away from city politics completely – they’ve had enough.

That’s why it is so good and refreshing for the Daily News to bring back articles covering our long history.     And this week will mark the beginning of Preservation Week – outlining preservation and protection and highlighting our 250th anniversary.

The Trust has a great slogan:

Linking the past with the present and the future.

If we don’t know how far we have progressed, it can make us very unthankful, resentful and frankly, disrespectful.

I watched this frumpy man walking downtown by himself last night.    No one paid any attention, no one raised an eyebrow and on he went.     Yet this was Bill Harris.  This man did more to shape the Waterfront and its appearance and future than anyone else in town.  He’s not alone, there are living legends walking up and down our streets – and no one pays attention.     The same goes with our beautiful historical homes – block after block of buildings in which events of national significance have happened.    Many residents don’t even know what occurred in their very homes.     I have where I live, on one end my street, the designer of Williamsburg, Virginia who established the first preservation principals who at the end of his life helped to restore Newburyport and on the other end of my street, the famed arctic explorer and co-founder of the Explorer’s Club and the National Geographic Society.      Neither of these buildings have appropriate plaques that herald that anything occurred in these structures.

History gives us an appreciation of where we came from and shows us the value of our present treasures and why we should preserve and protect these priceless assets for the future.

I invite you to watch two videos to help appreciate how far we have progressed and if we work hard and are real careful, reveals what a bright future we will have.

The first was made during the crucial time when the city turned from a mill town to a heritage destination: Newburyport: A Measure of Change.

The second shows just a taste of the kind of history hidden inside our borders:   Rediscovering Newburyport’s Wharves.

Watch them and catch a vision of our bright future, rooted in the past!     And please attend the events this coming Preservation Week and find ways to preserve our city!

-P. Preservationist



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One Response to Don’t forget how far we’ve come!

  1. YEAT-boy says:

    Hear hear! Bill Harris deserves recognition for his efforts, and as resident gadfly. +1

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