You’ve made your bed – now lie in it!

I am utterly astounded at the property-rights fanatics – they constantly demanded that the property owner has a right to do what he wants with his property.

But now they don’t like it.

Tropic Star Development is working with the Woodman Family to develop a commercial stretch.        The zoning has been re-drawn and now they have an ANR situation.

That means Approval Not Required.      This development will proceed.      In this new scenario, the Planning Board has no purview over deciding if this development will go in or not; their principle job is to make sure that when it proceeds, there will be minimal negative impacts and as much public benefit as possible.


But many who were protesting historic preservation crying about their ‘property rights’ now want to impinge on the rights of the owner who wants to benefit by putting in a development.

This incredible hypocrisy is evident in those who personally don’t ‘like’ a CVS going in that spot.        Isn’t that the same as the accusations that a person on a volunteer board will reek havoc because of not liking someone’s construction preferences?     

We know that the previous accusation was empty because the historical commission  and any future local historic district commission will judge using the standards established by the Department of Interior and uniformly established from Alaska to Florida.

So too, the Planning Board will be using zoning standards as a starting point in their discussion.         And that does not include refusing the project.

If the oppoinents were truly consistent they would have advocated to stop the city council from rezoning Storey Avenue as the councilors quietly did earlier this winter.        

My advice.

Attend to make abutter’s concerns heard and thus compromise toward as much mutual benefit as possible (for example, much needed traffic improvements); but don’t waste your breathe on stopping it.     Your opinion is valuable so put it to helping us all as a community by using this opportunity.

If you just want to bellyache, save some energy in this conservation-minded city, shut up.

-P. Preservationist


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